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I was selected by Arm and Hammer Kitty Krew to review a new product. I didn’t even realize I had been selected until the product arrived today.

The product is new and it’s Health IQ. It’s a crystal additive you can use with your litter. It changes color to help monitor you cat’s urinary health.

Here’s our post from Instagram.

The bottle includes a chart that is acidic to alkaline. Each color represents possible health concerns. Please note this isn’t a replacement for general veterinary care.

You shake the crystals into a clean or fresh litter box. If you have a multi-cat home the directions suggest you give each cat its own litter box for easier monitoring.

This bottle can be used up to 4 uses.

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Where to buy

You can visit Arm and Hammer product page to see where the product is sold near you as well as read more about it.

I found it listed on Amazon and Walmart.

It appears to range in price from around $8 to $13 USD. Price may vary by retailer or product size.

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