Sampler box with Persil detergent samples

Join Sampler for possible free samples

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Sampler has a variety of products you may be eligible for. You can sign up for free. They have a few other communities as well. I’ve had a few samples in the past

Sampler has a few questions you can answer to see if you are eligible or qualify for samples they offer. They can also text you when there are offers available.

I was recently able to request a Persil laundry detergent sample.

Sampler box with Persil detergent samples and coupon and inf card
Sampler box with Persil detergent samples and coupon and inf card

Samples vary from community to community. They have one for parents as well as one for those who live an active lifestyle. I’ll add those links in this post as well.

For sampler their samples can be snacks to makeup. I was even sent a can of sparkling water once.

Other sampler community links

As a note you can only request samples from one community at a time.

Sampler also has

Generation Active

I’ve only had one box from them if I recall correctly.

Total Beauty

I don’t think I’ve had anything from this site that I can recall.

Parent Cabin

I’m not a member of this community but I believe it offers samples for parents such as children’s products and things of that nature.

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