About Pal

Update: 1-15-2018: Pal passed away today. He lived a wonderful life with many cuddles and siblings and kitty friends. He will be greatly missed. I am happy to say I was lucky enough to have him in my life for nearly 17 years. 

I’ve owned Pal for nearly 16 years now. he showed up at my front door one night in late 2001. We asked everyone in my neighborhood for about a week if they had lost a kitten No one claimed him so we kept him.

I didn’t buy a digital camera until 2006 so most of the pictures I have are of him as a full-grown cat. I found some pictures to share.


Pal collage

About Me

Hi I’m Vanessa

I’m a Southern California native who enjoys sharing new products. As my blog description states, I set up Life with Pal (formerly Reviews and Savings Pal) to showcase my honest product reviews along with anything else I feel like sharing.

Selfie of me (V) in the garden wearing a sun hat and sunglasses
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