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Testing product info banner. Blue and purple graduated background with blackish gray text reading Testing product info.

Thanks, the Inisiders and HP

A few weeks ago I was sent a notice of a new campaign/mission from The Insiders. When I read it I was interested. It was for an HP Laser Printer at a discounted price. I will need to post reviews of course. I filled out the survey and ticked off which printers i would be interested in reviewing. I was

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Nestle goodNess community home page screenshot. includes 2lifewithpal watermark.

Join Nestle Goodness community for possible testing opportunities

I just joined Nestle goodNess community. I didn’t know it existed. This seems to be similar to many of the other communities I share about Smiley 360, Arm and Hammer Kitty Krew, etc. This is the same premise you have social shares and may be selected to test products. You can learn more by visiting the link below http://h3.sml360.com/-/4y65c

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Arm and Hammer Kitty Krew Dashboard image banner screeshot.

Thanks, Arm & Hammer Kitty krew

I was selected by Arm and Hammer Kitty Krew to review a new product. I didn’t even realize I had been selected until the product arrived today. The product is new and it’s Health IQ. It’s a crystal additive you can use with your litter. It changes color to help monitor you cat’s urinary health. Here’s our post from Instagram.

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Glow Balm box. Hero Cosmetics product.

Hero Cosmetics Glow Balm Radiant Skin Stick: a new way to hydrate your skin

I’ve tried a new product from Hero Cosmetics. It’s the Glow Balm Radiant Skin Stick. It’s a new skincare product that will help hydrate your face. Thanks to the Hero Cosmetics Hero Skin Squad community, I was selected to try and review the product. the product It’s a stick balm you can use on your face with dry or dull

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Brea Reese full body arcylic paint in shade Mars black (left). Brea Reese 3 inch cardstock stencils (right.)

Have you tried Brea Reese Art supplies?

In January I had an email from The Insiders sharing about a new campaign. it was for an art supplies brand. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but I did fill out the questionnaire. I’m always up to trying new art supplies and getting new supplies too. I was happy when I had an email letting me know i had

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Toms of Main Cucumber aloe deoderant with cucumber slices and aloe leaves. On a blue plate.


I was selected to try a deodorant from Tom’s of Maine in January. This deodorant was new to me. I’d tried other Tom’s of Main products, especially deodorant. The product is aluminum-free. To be honest I haven’t had the best results with aluminum-free deodorants. You can check out the post below to find out more. The product This deodorant is

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10K voice home page acreen shot. Fromerly Hive Mind App.

Join 10K voices

It appears Hive Mind has updated its site/app. They are now being named 10 K Voices. It appears they will be similar to Dscount and offer a variety of topics or Gigs that you can qualify for to earn extra money. There is a threshold for payouts that seems to be set at $100 USD. Join the 10K Voices community

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focus group banner,

Need extra cash? Try focus groups

Post updated 2/23/2024: to update some focus group names and links. Post updated 2/6/2023 to include a change in the URL for the 2020 panel. It never hurts to try to earn some extra money. So I thought I’d share a few focus groups that might interest some of you. You can visit the links to learn more about each

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red and black shoppping bags on black background. image from unsplash.

Belkin promo

Belkin There is a new promo : Shop the NEW Auto Tracking Stand Pro at Belkin! Belkin has a few deals that might be worth your while. USB-C Sale: Save Up to 15% on USB-C Chargers and Cables with Code USBCFEB24 at Belkin! Valid 2/20-3/3

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Need extra cash? Earn some by taking surveys

Update: 2/22/2204: This post has been updated in 2020 and 2024 to update changes to survey site names and to include the latest links. This post was originally posted on 10/11/2019. Header image source Pixabay I don’t know about you but I can always use some extra cash especially as we head into the holiday season. So I thought I’d

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Furbuddies logo on a box. black white and red sticker with a dog face, cat face, paws and a heart. Withe text reading fur buddies.

Thanks, FurBuddies and Fancy Feast

Bear, Linus, and Smokey had a surprise arrive in the mail today. Fur Buddies had selected us for a free bag of Fancy Feast Kitten dry food. The bag arrived today. It’s a 3 lb bag. The kitten food was in the shape of a disc. Linus ran over to the plate as soon as I poured some. Smokey and

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social media, communication, network Photo by AzamKamolov. Image source Pixabay.

How much Misinformation is spread on Social media?

Misinformation can be seen in a few ways. Misleading content, or information that is skewed to a certain point of view. Or it could just be flat-out lying about the effectiveness or quality of a product. I’m not mentioning political content because that would be a whole other discussion. Health trends Please note I’m not bashing the brand or the

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Rain barrel closer view.

Looking to save water? Check out this Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are a great way to capture and save rainwater for later use. You can use various objects to capture rainwater from buckets to even a trash can. We’ve been doing this for a few years now. I was so happy when I could request a free sample rain barrel thanks to Try It Sampling in late 2023. The

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Heart pendants

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you all have a nice day. If you celebrate I hope you get to enjoy your day with loved ones (pets included). If you don’t enjoy your Wednesday. I’m not doing much myself just spending time with my parents and the cats (of course). Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Life with

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instagram log illustration. image source pixabay dot com.

The like for a like trend is back

I had an interesting DM on Instagram over the weekend. I had someone request I like 10 of their posts because they liked 10 of mine. I was a bit confused and even dumbfounded by this request. I’m all for supporting others but… I’m all for supporting other content creators but when you show up in my DM’s asking for

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Paramount plus (+) app opening on tv.

Give the Gift of Paramount Plus for Valentine’s Day

The gift of a streaming service keeps on giving. Paramount Plus is a good option. You can also bundle it with Showtime. They offer a variety of original content and classic shows. You can also access many popular CBS programs as well. You can learn more by visiting the link below. https://paramountplus.qflm.net/c/480766/1950767/3065

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Scam Alert red text with black background. Also a red and black warning symbol under the text.

Scam Alert Google Business Listing call

I had an interesting call today. It was an automated call stating there was an issue with my Google Business listing. The funny thing is that I don’t use Google business listing because Life with Pal doesn’t have a storefront location. The Caller and call The call was from the following number 928-735-3138. Which by the area code is an

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Grow your business banner. Black text Grow your business with purple text Be featured. Navy text ork with popular brands. Navy shapes of people. Created by Vanessa using Photoshop CS4.

Beware of PR Agencies contacting you on social media

I was contacted recently by a dummy account that claimed to represent a PR agency. I always find these types of Instagram direct messages funny. I know they may be fake or at least a ploy to get you to visit the actual brand. I’m not saying PR agencies don’t reach out to content creators. It’s just the way these

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Shea moisture smoothing deoodorant with note cards.

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Retinol Smoothing deodorant

In January I was selected to test a few Shea Moisture products thanks to Top Box Circle. I shared about Shea Moisture Moisturizing deodorant in a previous post. Well, the following week I was selected to try another deodorant. This one was from Shea Moisture and was the Manuka Honey & Retinol Smoothing product. The product The Manuka Honey &

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Shea Moisutre Moisturizing dodorant with top box and Shea moisture card.

Shea Moisture Moisturizing Deodorant

Back in January, I was selected to test a new product from Shea Moisture thanks to Top Box Circle. The product happened to be a deodorant. I wasn’t even aware that Shea Moisture made deodorants. When the product arrived I was excited to see how well it worked. The product . This was the Moisturizing formula that has Shea butter

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viewers voice home page screenshot

Join viewer’s voice Panel

If you watch NBC, Bravo, USA , E!, Oxygen, SyFy or have a Peacock subscription you may want to join Viewer’s Voice. They offer surveys. These may vary from show feedback to even watching a show and sharing your viewer feedback. You earn points that you can cash in for gift cards. https://panel.viewers-voice.com/community/refer-friend/token/c2dc6308-9df6-4d59-afa4-a0905cedf45a

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Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil with note card.

Is the Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil worth it?

Last year I was lucky enough to try the Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil. I’m not one to use mechanical pencils often. I think the last time I might have used one was maybe in elementary or Middle School. So it’s been years. I liked that the pencil was lightweight and easy to hold. The design has changed from the traditional

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DreamKy clock face displaying the date.

Is the Dream Sky Alarm Clock worth it?

Last year I was looking for a new alarm clock. I don’t use it often but I like to have a clock by my bed so I can see the time. I had one by Sharp that was basic and had larger numbers so I could see it without my glasses. But It was starting to be a bit slow.

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LEPOWER desk lamp. Green metal desk lamp with af flexible neck.

Looking for a new desk lamp check out this one from Lepower

Back in late November, I was looking for a new desk lamp. The desk lamp I’d had for a few years finally died. The power button broke. I started on a search for a lamp. I have several lamps I shared about in the past that are slim LED lamps. I don’t care for those types of lamps for my

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litter box (catit hooded box) with paw litter mat in front of it.

Looking for a new litter? try Tidy Cats Tidy Care Comfort

As a cat owner of over 20 years, I’ve tried several litters. I’ve always gone back to clumping litter. I know it can be messy and dusty but it’s what works best for my cats. I’ve switched brands over the years buying what’s on sale or what has the best odor control. That being said I also try to find

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a red paper bag in the middle of red balloons with percentage symbols

Shark and Ninja Kitchen deals

Post Updated 1/20/2024 to include new deal. Ninja Kitchen Friends and Family Sale: Get 20% off select products exclusively at Ninjakitchen.com! Use code FAMILY20 Get 15% off select Drinkware exclusively at Ninjakitchen.com! Use code DRINK Shark Friends and Family Sale: Get 20% off select products exclusively at Sharkclean.com! Use code FAMILY20

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Bitcoin virtual image. Source pixabay dot com.

If you’re a blogger Or content creator watch out for this new scam

This post contains cited sources from the following:DMCA.com I use the free service for copyright violations. I have also cited CleanTalk.org anti-spam and security. I also listed an article from Intego I was just browsing my Contact Pal notices and came across a rather familiar scam. It scared me for a second but as I read it I knew it

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