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Image created using AI Image FX a hand holding smart phone with a text buble reading Scam text alert.

Scam Alert: FasTrack Text scam

I had a new text scam this week. It was for a FasTrack stating I owed a balance. What’s Fast Track For those of you who don’t know what FasTrack ( source the toll roads of Orange County) is. It’s a toll lane(s) on local Freeways in California. You can pay electronically using a transponder you place on your windshield.

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Bear 4 24. Bear is a choslate point Siamese kitten.

Some ideas on keeping our pets cool this summer

Now that summer is upon us I thought I’d share a few ideas on how to keep your pets cool. I’d like to add that let’s not forget our community cat friends as well. Easy indoor cooling options If your pet is indoors some of the easiest ways to keep them cool is to provide them with cool water and

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Pal's Got news banner created in canva

we’ve created an IG Broadcast channel

I recently created an Instagram Broadcast channel for my Instagram creator account. Since my LWPblog account is considered a business account I can’t create a broadcast channel yet. Hopefully, they will create them for business in the future. The channel will share various topics and possible links for programs that may interest some of you. I will also be able

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Ai created image using Image FX. gift cards in hand with store front in the backgorund.

Are stores limiting gift card usage?

I happened to be using a gift card recently and noticed that some stores are limiting gift card usage. Why the limits I know gift card theft has been on the rise for years. So maybe that is why so many stores are limiting the gift card usage limits. When I used mine from Target, I had $60 in gift

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foil seal on Hero pore purity clay mask tube.

Is anyone else concerned about the lack of product protection?

I recently purchased a skincare product from Sephora. I opened it and found that the bottle had no product protection. There is no seal on the box or around the bottle lid or neck. Not even a foil seal under the lid. This got me thinking. I knew the product hadn’t been tampered with because it wasn’t an odd color

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Derma-E products flatlay on tote bag

New from Derma-E

Affiliate Links Derma-E recently launched a new product. They also have some great deals as well. Welcome Summer with Radiant Skin – Shop our NEW Summer Must Haves Bundle

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Short Pixel home page screnshot.

Have you tried Short Pixel?

Affiliate Links Image compression or optimization is very important when you have a website. I can help cut down on your site’s loading time. What’s photo compression or optimization? I found an article from GTMetrix that may explain better than I can about this. It’s from 2017 but the info is still valid. Here’s where Short Pixel comes in Short

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elf product samples

New from elf

Affiliate Links Elf has some new products and deals. Visit the links for full info. New! Soft Glam Satin Foundation! Hit that sweet spot between full beat and barely there with medium buildable, long-wearing coverage for only $8. Free Shipping on Orders $35+ at elfcosmetics.com! No promo code necessary. US only. Get 2 free deluxe minis with orders $35+, plus

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V and a bottle of Persil Laundry detergent

Persil Intense Fresh Detergent: The name says it all

Affiliate Links PR Sample I was recently selected to test a Persil laundry product thanks to Shopper Army. I’ve used and tested a few Persil products in the past. I’ve liked them and found they work well at getting old stains out of my clothing. The product The product I was selected to test was Persil Intense Fresh laundry detergent.

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Slash was a black and white cat.

For the love of Slash

I had a very unexpected weekend. I had to say goodbye to one of our other cat friends. His name was Slash. he was the brother of Mr. White and Stripes. He also has a little sister my neighbor named Boots. He was the son of the late Boots and TJ. He had the wandering gene like T.J. He liked

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Jmella lime and basil shampoo and hair treatment.

Thanks for the prize…

Affiliate Links Post updated 6/4/2024: I tried the products and posted a quick video review. I recently won an Instagram giveaway that the following brands and creator hosted: https://www.instagram.com/bazzaal_/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/jmella.official/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/hoarderbeauty The giveaway offered two Jmella hair care products. It was a Lime and basil-scented shampoo and hair treatment. Jmella is a Korean brand so I’m excited to see how

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Flexitol Skin Therapy Fans Community home page screenshot.

Join Flexitol Skin Therapy Fans Community

I joined a new community this week. Flexitol Skin Therapy Fans Communit is similar to Smiley 360. You can interact with other users and complete surveys or missions such as social shares. You can be selected for possible product testing. They offer skin care products. You can learn more by visiting the link below. http://h3.sml360.com/-/50hv2

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Logitech keyboard, mouse and stylus pen. Image source unsplash dot com.

Logitech has some new Products for Mac

Affiliate Links Logitech has some new products that are compatible with Mac. MX Keys S for Mac: MX anywhere 3S for Mac: Wave Keys for Mac: MX Keys S combo for Mac

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a dog and a cat laying in the grass Photo by Andrew S. Photo source unsplash.

Do Pets Grieve?

This was a hard weekend. I lost two of my cats Olive and Sam. Then to top it all off Linus went missing. As of the time of writing this Linus hasn’t come home. He has been posted as missing on various sites and through the microchip company Home Again. The loss of Olive and Sam made me think about

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Olive a gray tabby with white feet. Sam a white ith gray spots cat.

For the Love of Olive and Sam

Today was a tough day. I had to say goodbye to two of our cats. Olive and Sam both went to Kitty Heaven today. I know it was for the best since they both had health problems this year. But then again it’s hard to let them go. Olive Olive was only 10 months old. She was nearly a month

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Red wall with the word SALE in white text. Colorful shopping bags on a table. Image created using Image FX.

Memorial day deals

Affiliate Links There are a few deals happening right now. Derma-E Derma-E has from 10% up to 30% off your order. Codes are listed on the website. Here are a few of my favorite products. Home Depot Up to 50% Off Select Interior Lighting ends May 31st. Up to 60% Off Select Patio Furniture Shop Memorial Day Deals at The

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Persil intesne fresh detergent bottle with Shopper army info sheet and a plastic army man.

Thanks, Shopper Army and Persil

Affiliate Links PR Sample I was recently selected by Shopper Army to try a Persil laundry detergent. The detergent arrived today. i was selected to try Persil Intense Fresh liquid laundry detergent. I was sent the 25 load bottle. The detergent has a floral scent. It’s strong but not overwhelming. I liked that it smells clean but not overly floral.

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Peach street humidifier on a table. Blue tank with white base.

Peach Street Humidifier

I recently purchased a new humidifier. I’ve had a few in the past but have ended up throwing them away because they either began to grow mold or they broke. I bought one because my cat Olive is having respiratory issues and I was told that one might help her breathe a bit better. It would help me as well.

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Laptop, makeup, skincare Collaboarte with us on screen.

There’s a new collaboration scam email targeting Sephora

Post updated 6/6/2024 to include a video post. I had a new email scam land in my inbox yesterday. it was very reminiscent of the Fashion Nova email scam. It was suggesting a collaboration and promising large payouts. The sender The email was sent from DEBORAH YEH SEPHORA The email address is: sephora.empowerment.sephora@gmail.com Did you see it’s a Gmail not

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elf product samples

New From elf

Affiliate Links Elf has a new product you can visit the link for full info. New! Brow Laminating Gel! The laminated look is easy as e.l.f. with this strong AF gel (& triple-threat applicator).

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shopping bags

new Ninja Kitchen and shark promos

Affiliate Links Get 10% off the Ninja CREAMi Deluxe 11-in-1 exclusively at Ninjakitchen.com! Use code ICE Shop the Shark Clean and Empty Cordless with Auto Empty @ Sharkclean.com! $40 off Shark FlexStyle BYO Models with code FLEX

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