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Join Ripple street for possible free products

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Updated 11/8/2022: to include a video post.

If your interested in trying new products Ripple Street might be the website for you.

They offer a variety of products from drinks to food to even toys. Some campaigns may be regionally based others may be open to all US residents.

You can apply for campaigns. There are some requirements though. If you are selected you are sent an info card. Ripple street usually asks for a social media share along with a review.

Some campaigns may require some pre-sections activities such as in-store pictures of products.

Most of the products I’ve tested are free. Some such as alcohol campaigns may require you to purchase the product but you are sent a gift card for that. A few years ago I participated in a BudLight seltzer campaign.

Intro: 0:00 Ripple Street: 1:19 final thoughts:3:33

I’ve also been able to sample maple syrup

My most recent campaign was toothpaste.

Ripple street also has campaigns for families and pet products.

My kitties were selected to sample so Blue Buffalo food recently as well.

Ripple street recently launched a loyalty program. It’s still new so there isn’t much info on it yet unless you view it via your account.

If you’d like to join Ripple Street visit the link below:

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