Updated: 11/4/2022 to add Crowdtap.

Here is the list of survey sites you may be interested in. Some sites have a threshold payout from $10 to $50. Others may allow you to earn points to cash in for a gift card or product of your choice. If it’s available in their rewards program.

Join 2020 panel

The 2020 panel has a few different types of surveys. Some may be short others could be a few days. I’ve participated in two studies so far. They were both a few days and they were like an online focus group. If you complete the studies you may earn a gift card. Payment varies from study to study. It may be under $100 to over $100.

Join Accelerant Research

Accelerant is similar to 2020 panel. They have focus groups or discussions. The surveys vary and if you don’t qualify for one you may still be entered into a gift card drawing.

Join American Consumer Panel

American Consumer Panel has a variety of surveys. You can earn points that you can cash in for a gift card or cash payment.

Join Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys has a cash out threshold of $10.

Join Crowdtap

Crowdtap is a survey app and site that allows you to take quick surveys or perform activities to earn points you can cash in for gift cards. 

Join Crowd Tap

Join Focus Group by Schlesinger!

This is site was formally named Focus Pointe Global. They have a variety of surveys. They also have focus groups. Some studies may last a day or more.

Join I Poll

I Poll has a $25 cash out threshold. You can cash out for a PayPal payment or an Amazon gift card.

Join I Say

I Say has a variety of surveys and you may even be selected to test a product. I’ve tried a few products in the past.

Join Knowledge Panel

Knowledge panel has a points system you can cash out for select gift cards in select monetary amounts.Or you can select a product from their product category list.

Join Maru Springboard America

Maru Springboard American was formerly Springboard America. I’ve been a member for a few years. They have a $50 threshold for cashing out. You can opt for a gift card from select retailers or a Paypal payment.

Join My Soap Box

My soapbox has a variety of survey topics. They also have fun activities so you can earn extra points via their social pages. You can cash out your points for gift cards or donate them to selected charities.

Back in 2018 I and a few others were selected to become ambassadors. We were sent some neat My SoapBox swag.

Join Opinion Outpost

I’ve been a member of opinion outpost for a number of years now. They have a $10 payout for PayPal or you can cash your points in for other options as well. They also have surveys where you may be able to test a product. I’ve tested a few things over the years.

Join Opinion site

Opinion site has a number of surveys. They also have some medical-related studies you can join. Some of the health-related studies may be for a set period of time.

Join Pinecone Research

Pinecone research is similar to Opinion outpost. They have a variety of surveys and you may be able to test a product. The best thing I’ve gotten so far from Pinecone was cookies. I got to test Toll House cookies prior to their official launch. I’ve also tested paper products and candy. I think I’ve also gotten pet food and cat litter too.

They pay $3 per survey. You can cash your points in for a product, gift card, or the cash amount.

Join Target Bullseye insiders for possible product testing opportunities

Target’s Bullseye insiders is a fun site. So far I’ve only done surveys but they did have a few product testing options for select locations.

Join YouGov

YouGov is a survey site that allows you to express your political views. So far most surveys may vary but most have been about current events. They allow you to cash your points in for a gift card or a PayPal payment.
Other survey sites you might be interested in

I thought I’d share a few other sites that I’m aware of

User Research International

This site has a wide array of studies you can join. You may be asked to fill out a pre-screening survey. They also offer online discussions or forums too. They also have in-person studies if you live in the selected areas.

I haven’t been selected for any studies yet but I keep trying when I get emails for ones I may qualify for.

Paid Studies

LifePoints (formerly My Survey)

Life Points is like Opinion outpost sometimes you may be selected to test a product. You can save your points and cash them out for a gift card or PayPal payment or you can donate to a charity.


I used Toluna in the past. They had a variety of survey opportunities.

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