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Interested in Beta Testing? Check out this site

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Beta testing is a unique experience. You get to test items before many of the public does. This may range from software to actual product in-home testing. Every site is different and offers its own selection of products. Most sites let you check off boxes for products or services you would be interested in testing.

I will say this many of the beta testing sites do have you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and other documents. Some beta testing sites may also require you to return items.

I happened to come across today. I figured I’d sign up.

I’ve been beta testing for a few years. Some of these tests can be fun. But you do need to follow all the testing rules and activities to keep up to date with the programs. Some sites do offer compensation for your time and effort. Some may be in the form of a beta-tested product or you may be paid. It appears this site pays using Paypal.

I’m not certain what this program is offering currently but if you are interested check out the link below.

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