I thought I’d create a full list of the product testing links. I will try to update them if changes happen. I’ll also include a few others you may be interested in as well.

If you’d like to make a suggestion for a product testing site send me an email.


You can also check out this playlist as well if you’d like to see certain topics.


Product testing List

The links listed below may also include sites where reviewing a product is required to test it. You can read all the info prior to signing up.

Makeup & skincare

These sites may offer a mix of makeup products or skincare or possibly both.

All other communities

These communities offer a variety of product testing opportunities as well as forums and other social sharing activities. You may also be selected to test a free product if available.


Other Product testing

These sites are a more product reviewing. You may also have to pay for the product or a small fee.


Brand Backer

Brand Backer has various opportunities to test and/or review products. The products may vary and you may not always be selected for a product. All required reviewing activities are listed with the product posts. Some ask for social shares along with a written usually a blog post. You can also create YouTube videos as well. I’ve shared a few products in the past. The last product I shared was a Yardley soap



Giveaway Service

This site is similar to Brandbacker you can apply to review or test products. But again you will have to see if the product is free or discounted. You may have to pay for the product yourself as well. I don’t use this site anymore because I hadn’t been selected to test anything in a few years.



Intellifluence is similar to the other sites. You can apply to share about products. These may again require a written post or other social shares. Some products may be free or there may be another offer.



I’ve been a member of Tomoson since I began product reviewing and blogging. So nearly 10 years now. Like many sites, they have changed. This is a site you may have to pay for a product (some sellers will repay you) you’ll need to read the info clearly before applying for a product. Some items you may get at a discount. Like Brandbacker you can share the product socially. All info is clearly listed.


The most recent item I reviewed using their site was a felt board.

Update added 7/17/2023:
I no longer use Tomoson the felt board was the last item I reviewed for the site.

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