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Join Kenvue Consumer Research (Formerly J&J Friends & Neighbors community)

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Post update 5/6/2024:

It appears that the new Kenvue Consumer Research community is online. I had a survey request sent today.

If you’d like to join you can visit the link below.

Post updated 5/1/2024:

J&J Friends and Neighbors community is being renamed Kenvue Consumer Research. I don’t know when this will be official but an email was sent out to members stating this. They mentioned the name change would take place in early May.

The email also stated that they would launch a new website as well. I’ll update the site URL once that is changed (If it’s changed.) Aside from that things would be the same they would offer possible product testing as well as surveys and community activities.

Johnson & Johson has a Friends and Neighbors community. This community offers possible free products and testing opportunities. You will be notified if you have a survey opportunity.

I’ve been a member for a while now. They don’t offer many activities currently but maybe this will change in the future.

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