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Need extra cash? Try focus groups

This post may contain affiliate links. If a product or service is purchased using a link(s) in the post below a small commission may be earned.

Post updated 2/23/2024: to update some focus group names and links.

Post updated 2/6/2023 to include a change in the URL for the 2020 panel.

It never hurts to try to earn some extra money. So I thought I’d share a few focus groups that might interest some of you.

You can visit the links to learn more about each focus group website. Every site has different payout forms and payout thresholds.

Please don’t forget to list my name Vanessa Alonzo if you are asked who referred you.


Some focus groups offer in-person and online focus groups. Most sites will explain that in an email qualification email.

Payouts will vary by study and by platform. Some give you options on your desired payout such as Paypal, check gift card, or virtual gift card option. Others may use a platform such as Tremendous that allows you to select your payout option.

Payouts can vary from a few days after you complete a study to up to 4 weeks or longer.

Other things to know

Some sites may require you to conduct a pre-qualification survey. These are pretty straightforward. They may also ask you to provide an ID as well. Some may also ask you to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) Again this may vary by platform and study.

You may also be asked to download an app to complete certain studies as well.


Payouts can be anywhere from under $10 USD to over $100 USD. Again it will vary by study and website.

Here are some of my favorites

20 20 Panel

Update 2/6/2023: 2020 Panel is now part of Focus Group by Schlesinger website. I have updated the website link to direct you to the right place.

2020 panel home page screenshot.
2020 panel home page screenshot.

I’ve done a few focus groups for 20 20 Panel. I’ve done a few online discussion groups and an online group chat.

Overall the online focus groups have been forums where you answer questions posted by the moderators. These can be a day up to 3 days. The payouts vary by topic and discussion length.

The online group chat I participated in was around an hour and a half. Again these will vary by topic.

Payouts usually arrive quickly.

The biggest payout I’ve had from 20 20 Panel is a few hundred dollars for a 3-day discussion board focus group.

accelerant research

ACCELERANT RESEARCH home page screenshot.
ACCELERANT RESEARCH home page screenshot.

Accelerant Research has in-person and online discussions. I’ve filled out a few surveys for them but have yet to qualify for a study.

But they do offer payouts that are worthwhile. They also offer monthly contests as well. You can also refer friends too.

Focus Group (formerly Focus Group by Schlesinger )

Focus groups by Schlesinger home page screnshot.
Focus groups by Schlesinger home page screenshot.

Update: Focus Group by Schlesinger has a new name now they are now Focus Group.

Focus Group by Schlesinger by far has been pretty productive for me. they offer surveys, and focus groups online, in person, and forum boards. I believe they may also have online focus group chats either one on one or with others.

The payouts are pretty quick. You can select your payment option. A payout I had a few months back was a Visa gift card. Payouts vary by topic and participation time.

Focus Insite

Focus Inistes join a panel screenshot.
Focus Insite join a panel screenshot.

Focus Insites is a pretty straightforward focus group panel. They offer a few different topics you can sign up for. When you are contacted for a study you will need to fill out a pre-qualifying questionnaire. It’s easy to do and you’ll be notified if you are selected.

I’m not certain if I’ve been selected for a discussion or focus group for this site yet.

10K Voices (formerly Hive Mind)

Note 6/30/2022: At the date of sharing this post Hive Mind is being updated but you can still sign up and be notified about studies.

Updated: 2/23/2024. Hive Mind has a new name Now it’s 10K voices.

10K voice home page acreen shot. Fromerly Hive Mind App.
10K voice home page screenshot. Formerly Hive Mind App.

10K Voices offers a variety of topics and is always looking for people to participate in studies.

Now it appears there is a threshold to reach before cashing out. The site has just launched so I can’t give a lot of details about the new offerings aside from that they look like it’s may be similar to Dscout. they offer gigs that you can see if you qualify for.

My experience under Hive Mind.

I’ve done a few studies for this site. They offer a virtual payout via Tango. This allowed you to choose how you wanted to be paid. (Under Hive Mind) Payments were pretty quick within a few days of completing a study.

L&E Research

L&E Opinions home page screenshot.
L&E Opinions home page screenshot.

L&E Research is another platform that offers a variety of topics. They also have in-person and online groups.

I haven’t been selected for a focus group or study from this site yet. But I can tell you they have a filter so you can apply for studies you’d feel comfortable with. In-person, online, etc.

When applying for a study you will need to fill out a questionnaire.

App-based focus groups


Intro:0:00 Info:0:16 Mission lenghts:1:06 Payment info:2:16 Payment method/ outro: 3:21

I’ve been a member of Dscout for a few years now. I’ve participated in a few studies. They offer a variety of missions. You may complete a questionnaire and video replies (depending on the mission.)

Dscout is open to residents in select countries. I’ve earned some decent payouts for studies.

I hope this list was helpful. If you have any sites you’d like me to share let me know.

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