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Happy Earth day image. Image created using image FX. Earth, grass, Happy Earth day.

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 20224. I thought I’d make a quick list of things you can do today. Don’t forget to recycle Let’s face it recycling is one of the easiest things we can do today if your workplace has a recycling can or collection spot kudos to you. You can also remember to pitch recyclables in a proper bin. Many

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red and black shoppping bags on black background. image from unsplash.

Some deals that may interest you

Affiliate Links Here are a few deals that might interest you. Derma-E You can save 20% off when you sign up for Derma-E’s newsletter. Ninja Kitchen A Bloom of Deals: Get 10% off accessories exclusively at Ninjakitchen.com! Use code BLOOM10 Shark A Bloom of Deals: Get 10% off accessories exclusively at Sharkclean.com! Use code BLOOM10

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elf product samples

Elf deals

Affiliate Links Here are a few deals at e.l.f. Just Dropped! NEW! Bronzing Drops- Bronze and nourish skin with our most demanded drop(s) of the year. Get 2 free deluxe minis with orders $35+, plus an additional gift with orders $50+ at e.l.f. Cosmetics! ALL SMIZE for $14 Glowy Skin. The honorable Judge Beauty is presiding, and she's ruling in

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Life with Pal’s YouTube channel question

While I was visiting YouTube I found out that Life with Pal is eligible for memberships. This would allow us to offer exclusive content to subscribers for a small fee. I haven’t activated it yet but was looking it over. I can create my own subscription fee and have select options such as member-only live chats or group chats. These

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a dog and a cat laying in the grass Photo by Andrew S. Photo source unsplash.

There is a boom in pet health Monitoring products

Affiliate Links I’ve noticed a boom in pet-related health monitoring products over the past few years. I think it’s a good thing but sometimes it can be overwhelming as a pet owner. Pet monitoring is growing I’ve noticed that they have more pet monitoring products for cats lately. I know this is good because many times unlike dogs cats are

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Paramount plus (+) app opening on tv.

New on Paramount Plus

Affiliate Links Paramount Plus has a variety of movies and programs. Bob Marley: One Love is now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Example of supplies you will need for paint pouring project.

outdoor DIY Ideas

Affiliate Links Now that the weather is warming it it’s time to get back outside. That being said I thought I’d repost a few of our ideas. Some can be considered arts or crafts. Paint poured pots A few years ago I paint poured some ceramic pots. It’s easy to do and is fun because you can add glitter. You

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OdinLake logo. A blue O with the black text Odinlake under it.

Have you heard about Odinlake?

Sponsored Affiliate Links Around two years ago I had an office furniture brand reach out to me. The brand’s name was Odinlake. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but willing to learn more about them. Odinlake chair I was thrilled when they agreed to send me a free office chair. The chair I had back in 2022 was a few

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