Here’s the full list of Free sample & other Communities. I will link to the posts where I share the sites and info. I will also add a few additional links that aren’t in the menu.

I’ll try my best to keep it updated if changes occur. 

Free Sample Communities or offers

Some links are from posts I created others may be direct links. 

Other sampling info

Other communities

These may be communities that have free sampling opportunities they may also offer forums and other social sharing campaigns as well.

Other communities you may be interested in


I’m fairly new to this site. It’s a great community. They have daily activities most are basically various topics you can share your opinions on. It’s for women 18 and over. They also occasionally have paid activities as well. I’ve participated in a few of those.

Ripple Street

Ripple Street is a unique community. You can sign up for campaigns. You may be selected to share products with others. Or have parties. I’m not very familiar with the whole process but you can check out the site to learn more.


Tryazon is similar to Ripple Street they have campaigns you can sign up for and if you are selected you share the product and user experience with others. Some products may require you to have multiple shares or a small group of friends test it with you. Just like Ripple Street I haven’t used the site much.

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