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Are you a Guy looking for free samples? This post is for you

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I know many people think sampling is just for women but it’s not. There are a few programs available for both genders. Some sites are even sending out notices seeking more male members.

Just a reminder that some websites do require you to submit feedback either by a written review or a questionnaire. Each site will provide its feedback requirements when you join.

Also, some sites may have pre-qualifying questionnaires that you may need to fill out for product(s) that are available. Not all products are guaranteed if you apply.


If you love skincare here are two sites you may want to check out.

Guys that Groom

This is the partner website to the Pink Panel. They offer a variety of products to test. They may range from skincare to personal grooming products.
Some tests may last a day or two while others may be a longer commitment. You will have to fill out a qualifying questionnaire.

If you are selected to test a product you will keep it at the end of the testing period and be compensated for your time with a gift card or products.

Guys that Groom is open to US and Canadian residents (depending on the product).

You can join by visiting the link below:

Vareity sampling/testing sites


Bzzagent recently sent out an email to its members sharing that they are looking for more male members.

Bzzagent offers a variety of products to sample or test. You will be required to submit feedback in the form of a product review some products may require reviews on the related product site as well.

you can learn more by visiting the link below

Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club has a variety of products. They even have appliances at times. You can fill out a pre-qualifying survey to see if you will be selected. You are asked to share a product review and social share with the corresponding hashtags.

You can visit the link below for more info:

Ripple street

Ripple street offers a variety of products to try. You can create an account and check off which items you’d be interested in testing.

Each inviter may require you to post an activity or some other type of social sharing. Each invite does have you fill out a pre-qualifying survey. Also, some tests may request you purchase items. Depending on the campaign you may be sent a branded gift card.

This was the case when I was selected for a Budlight hard seltzer campaign in 2021. I was sent a Budlight branded gift card.

You can learn more about Ripple street by visiting the link below:


Sampler has a variety of products you can sample. They also have a number of other sampling programs you can join.

You can learn more by visiting the link below:

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