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PopSugar Dabble: A great way to try samples

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A few months back I signed up for PopSugar Dabble. The site is fairly new and allows you to create an account. Once you set up your profile they may send out emails for samples you might like. As I said it’s still fairly new. I’ve had a few samples. mainly it’s been perfume samples. You will need to write a short review or give your feedback on the product. The requirements may vary from product to product.

The perfume samples were similar to the ones I’ve shared in the past from Macy’s.

However today I had another sample offer. Today was a skincare product. Once again since they send out samples the image they share via the emails they send out may not always match the product you are sent. This is an image of a jar of Burt’s Bees skincare product. The sample might be a packet. But I won’t know until it arrives.

example of possible Popsugar samples
screenshot from email of current offer 3/23/2020

So If you’d like to join PopSugar Dabble visit the links provided. You might get a sample of something that you love.

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