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Join Free Cosmetic Testing for possible product testing

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I recently tested The Wet Brush mini brush thanks to Free Cosmetic Testing. I learned about this site a few years ago.

It’s a survey community and app. They have surveys you can do to earn points. You can also try to be selected for a product testing opportunity as well.

Once you rack up a certain number of points you can use them to order free products. I just tried this out so I’m not completely certain how long it will take the item to arrive. The items they offer in exchange for points are makeup, beauty, and fragrances.

If you are selected for a product like I was you will be notified which product you will be sent. You do need to share a quick review in form of a survey and general feedback. Free Cosmetic Testing sends you a link to fill out.

The products you can test range from the same categories. The selection takes place weekly usually on a Thursday.

As far as the surveys go they are pretty simple and don’t take a long time. This may vary by topic.

If you’d like to join or learn more visit the link below.

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