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I like free samples. I always have. I used to request stuff all the time when I was a kid. Now that I’m older this hasn’t changed. I will admit that sort of goes hand in hand with my love of product reviewing and testing because I love trying new things.

I thought I’d give you some info on where you may find samples online. Many of us may over look certain mostly used platform.

Where to start

Some websites offer samples you may also be able to sign up for brand mailing lists to learn of new offers. Some brands occasionally offer samples via email.

Sampling communities or sites

There are sites you can join that offer samples monthly or every few months. Two that come to mind for me are Pinchme and SampleSource.

Pinchme offers sample opportunities monthly. Samplesource has them seasonally.

Here’s some examples of products i’ve been sent in the past from both sites.

video from July of 2018
sample source samples April 2018

Like with most sampling sites samples are first come first serve. Sometimes you may not have any at all.

Pinchme and Samplesource do send a follow up email asking about the products you were sent. The process is fairly easy.

Freebie sites

There are tons of sites that offer free samples or post about free samples. Some are legit others may not be.

I have a few sites I love listed in my menu bar. you can also check this list below.

These sites will direct you on where you can claim a free sample or some also offer other info such as giveaways and reviewing program info as well.

free samples vlog

Social media feeds

Sometimes we can over look free samples. They show up as sponsored ads on our social media feeds. If you use Instagram or Facebook you may have seen them in the past. They may also show up on other social media platforms but i’ve seen and claimed them more on Instagram and Facebook.

Also as an FYI Facebook and Instagram interchange ads so you may see an ad on Facebook that will later show up on Instagram or vice versa.

facebook ad skincare
facebook ad skincare

Facebook and instagram ads may be a general image and text based ad that show up as a Sponsored post in between your usual feed interests.

Other times it may be a video ad such as this Macy’s scent Sponsored post from a few weeks ago

Facebook ad macys example
facebook ad macy’s ad

The ad plays like a short video so it may catch your attention faster.

Instagram has a mix of both Sponsored ad types. Here’s a recent example of one from Murad skincare. I edited out some comments and people’s Instagram handles.

Instagram ad Murad skincare
Instagram ad Murad skincare

how samples show up in your feed

Some samples may show up at random in your social feeds. Others may be what are called Targeted ads. This may be because the brand is looking for a specific part of the country or age group.

Sampling tips

You can like a brand on social media. This may increase your chance of having a sample offer show up in your feed. I’m not saying it will guarantee one but it may improve your chances.

Joining mailing lists helps as well as I stated at the start of the post some websites may share samples via their mailing lists.

other sampling options

If you don’t mind writing a product review you may want to look into the posts listed below. Again I’m not guaranteeing any free samples just sharing more info.

Shopper Army

Popsugar Dabble

I hope this was a helpful post. Where do you find samples?

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