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Need to keep track of packages? Here are some ways to do it for free

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Being a product reviewer and tester I tend to have a few packages deliveries through out the month. That being said they can sometimes be a surprise. If you’re like me you can lose track of what item is arriving when along with from where it’s coming from. Well, I found out you can sign up for a few common delivery sites to keep track of your deliveries.

To be honest I don’t know why I didn’t sign up for these service earlier. I like that they are easy to use and you can also access them via your phone if you need too.


The postal service has a free tracker named Informed delivery. I recently signed up for it earlier this year. I liked it because you’re sent an email daily sharing which mail you will be receiving that day. They also alert you of any package deliveries along with tracking numbers. The email has a scanned copy of your mail which I think is great because if you’re waiting for an important document you’ll know when it is arriving. You can also alert the post office if you didn’t receive a piece of mail that should have been delivered that day as well.

USPS informed delivery dashboard example
Example of the USPS Informed delivery dashboard

You can learn more by visiting the link provided.


Fed EX also has a delivery managing option as well. I like this because they even list where it is being shipped from in terms of the company. I like that they offer a list view or a calendar view. FedEx does send a notice the day before the product is set to be delivered. You can also add notes to such as holding the package or asking it to be left in a certain location. There is also a time frame listed of when you can expect your package to arrive.

example of FedEx delivery tracking info with added manage feature
example of mange feature for FedEx delivery manager

Again FedEx also has an app and you can be sent text alerts too.


UPS has a service similar to FedEX. It also has similar features. I don’t currently have any items being delivered so I can’t share the dashboard. But they also have a calendar feature. UPS also sends out a notice when an item will be delivered. They also give you an estimated delivery time frame as well.

Example of email from a recent package delivery

They also offer text alert (i belive) along with app notices as well.

So you don’t have to be like me running to the door every time you hear a large truck go by.

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