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Lets face it we all like to save money when we can. Over the years I’ve used a few services in ways to try to save money. I have always loved coupons but since everything is becoming more and more digital these days I thought Id share a few of my favorite sources I use to save money.

Every site or app may vary in terms of savings or deals offered. Some may also have overlapping offers. By this I mean they may have the same savings code or deal. Lets get stared shall we.

Browser extensions

Browser extensions are great. You can add them to your browser and they allow you to see any deals or discounts that may qualify for your purchase. Here are a few I like.


Honey is easy to install and works with both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It will also show up when you shop at Amazon as well. Honey has two buttons that will show up on Amazon. One is a drop list which you can use to monitor if an items price drops. The other is the Best deal button. This one will drop down if you mouse over it. It will show you a cheaper item from Amazon.

Honey also allows you to earn Honey gold. Honey gold is earned when you use a Honey code when shopping or if someone joins Honey using your referral link. 1,000 Honey gold coins equals $10. You cash that in for a gift card. There are a few from major brands and sites.

Cashback Savings

Cashback savings aren’t anything new if you have a credit card with the feature you understand how it works. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it. Cashback means for every purchase you make you may earn a small amount back.

There are many sites that offer this feature. Many also offer apps and browser extensions as well. Also every site has a different schedule for paying your your cashback as well as different payment method options. You can look into those when you visit the sites. has been around for a long time. They offer a variety of ways to save from digital to printable coupons (see our coupons page for those). They also have coupons codes. Recently they launched a cashback feature. Currently, the extension is only available for Chrome. They also have an app.

The cashback feature allows you to activate an offer of so much percentage off at a select site. You may be directed to that site after the cashback is activated. Then you shop like you normally would.

Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

Rakuten formerly Ebates is a great site. I love that you can use the browser extension for many commonly used browsers. There is also an app as well. Like Rakuten offers a variety of saving options. They also have a larger percentage back during certain times of the year. I’ve seen from 1 percent up to possibly 15 percent back. Again these may vary depending on the time of year and by store. I can say I used it for the first time last year when I signed my parents up for Lifelock and we had a very nice surprise in cashback savings.


Retailmenot is similar to the two previous sites. You can save money in various ways. You can also earn cashback. I haven’t used this site for the cashback feature yet but I do love it for the coupon codes. There is also an app too.


Fetch Rewards

Fetch rewards is a savings app. You can earn money back from a variety of purchases. You scan your store receipt to earn your points. You can also earn points when someone uses your referral code. The app is available for android and IOS. You can also earn extra points when you purchase select items that are featured on the app.

If you’d like to join you can use my referral code Y6HBM

There are many apps similar to Fetch. I’ve used a few but I found that this one was the best for me.

Other ways to save


I like Groupon because it offers savings on various things besides shopping. They do have a Goods tab but you can also save on other things such as trips or events. I also like the local tab you can check out deals that are in your area.

Store Rewards programs

Many stores have rewards programs you can sign up for. These are great because at times you can get coupons or alerts for upcoming sales. You can also earn points (depending on the store) which you can use later on when shopping in store or online.

Some of my favorite store rewards programs are :

Walgreens Balance rewards you can earn points when you shop.

Target has Target Circle and if you’re a Red Card member you save 5% with every purchase.

JC Penney has some good deals and you earn points.

Well I hope these tips were helpful. Share your tips in the comments below.

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