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Update 2/25/2023

Try It Sampling’s parent company Bazaarvoice purchased Influenster a while back. That being said that means Try It Sampling will soon be fading away. You might be asking what is she talking about. Try It Sampling was asking folks to join Influenster. Influenster is an app and website-based program where you can review products and in the coming weeks even sample items.

I’ve been a member of Influenster for a number of years now. The site now has an app as well. Influenster is a great site that offers a mix of community mixed with product reviews. You may also be selected for what they call Vox Boxes. Some are physical boxes that are mailed. Others are virtual.

The virtual ones have you do tasks online or possibly in store such as taking photos of a product or yourself and a product.

Both voxbox types allow you to earn badges. You can participate in a survey or a challenge to be selected for a vox box (these may vary from vox box to vox box).

If you are selected for a voxbox you will be notified of what will be required.

Also as a member of Influenster, you can provide reviews for products you’ve tried as well. This is the added sense of community.

Oh yeah, you may also win a prize as well. i won one a while back.

You can see a past box I was sent below

a vox box from 2017

Here’s the prize box i won a while back.

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