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Join Influenster (Formerly Try It Sampling)

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Updated 2/25/2023:

Try It Sampling’s parent company Bazaarvoice purchased Influenster a while back. That being said that means Try It Sampling will soon be fading away. When the program will close is anyone’s guess but they will no longer accept signups or waitlist members. You are directed to join Influenster.

You might be asking what is she talking about. Try It Sampling was asking folks to join Influenster. Influenster is an app and website-based program where you can review products and in the coming weeks even sample items.

Visit the link below to learn more or join.

Update 1/4/2022: It appears that the Try It sampling waiting list is closed to new participants. You can check back throughout the year to see if it is open again.

Or you can Join Influesnter if you are interested.

I’ve mentioned Try It Sampling a lot over the last few years. Try It Sampling is a great community if you are selected you can request products for review. That being said they have had so much demand lately from people asking to become members that they have created a waiting list.

You can join the waiting list

I’ve been fortunate enough to sample products ranging from skincare to food to even a small griddle. The best product I’ve been able to review by far was a portable air conditioner.

I’m not certain if you may be eligible for selected product testing and reviewing while on the waitlist but this may be an option.

I can’t say how long it will take for Try It Sampling to accept new users but if your on the waitlist that’s a start.

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