Gratsy box with note card.

Contact Gratsy for a chance to be selected for a free snack box

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Update 7/25/2021: Gratsy now has an app. All samples will be claimed there. You can learn more by visiting the link below.

Updated 6/14/2023 to update the previous link.

I just shared this post a few minutes ago on Instagram.

I found out about Gratsy back in 2019. They have a page on Facebook or you can contact them through Messenger.

When you use Messenger or even via Facebook the message box opens and asks you a few questions. You can select Get Started to follow the prompts on how to sign up for their mailing list.

Gratsy will notify you if you have been selected for a snack box. I will admit these selections may be demographic based or they could be random. It took me about a year before I was selected for a box.

Here’s a screenshot of part of my original prompts for Gratsy.

Gratsy Facebook chat prompt.
Gratsy Facebook chat prompt.

When you have a possible box Gratsy will message you. You can decline if you choose not to accept the box. You again have a few prompts to follow up before your confirmation of the box is completed. Basically a few shopping questions along with your name and address.

Gratsy Facebook box notice.
Gratsy Facebook box notice.

You can visit Gratsy Facebook page to see if you qualify for a free box.

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