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Stanley Tool box & Utility Knife info

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I thought I’d share a bit more info on the products I shared via Instagram. Just an FYI the Stanley community is by invitation only. I don’t recall how I was selected or even what form I filled out. But I can say this much I’m glad I was invited.

16 inch tool box

The toolbox offers a few storage compartments. one on either side of the handle, a removable tray inside as well. All in all, it’s pretty sturdy. I thought the handle was comfortable to hold.

The total size listed on the product label is

16 inches by 8 inches by 7 3/4 inches.

I found it at two locations. Home Depot and Amazon. The toolbox ranges in price from $15 to around $19 USD depending on where you purchase it.

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fixed folding utility knife

The utility knife includes one blade in the package.

The utility knife is lightweight and includes a belt clip. Inserting the blade is easy. There is a pressure button on the side. You press that down to insert the blade. I noticed that the blade can only be inserted one way. Once you insert the blade fully you can let the button go. You hear a click and it’s in place.

To fold the knife you press the spring on the inside of the handle. It folds smoothly. The body of the knife is metal.

The knife retails for around $14 USD (Price may vary by retailer.)

Thanks to Stanley tools and the Stanley community for these complimentary products and reviewing opportunities. You can visit the link below to learn more about the utility knife or other Stanley products.

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