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Persil Intense Fresh Detergent: The name says it all

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I was recently selected to test a Persil laundry product thanks to Shopper Army. I’ve used and tested a few Persil products in the past. I’ve liked them and found they work well at getting old stains out of my clothing.

The product

The product I was selected to test was Persil Intense Fresh laundry detergent.

Persil intesne fresh detergent bottle with Shopper army info sheet and a plastic army man.
Persil intense fresh detergent bottle with Shopper army info sheet and a plastic army man.

It has a floral scent and it may be a bit overwhelming at first.

I was sent the 25-load size bottle.

The detergent bottle has easy-to-follow directions on the back.

back of the persil bott.e.
It has clear measuring directions.

The detergent is a light blue shade. It’s a bit hard to see in this image but it’s noticeable on the pour spout.

Persil intesne fresh eing pourded.
It’s a light blue liquid.

The one thing I forgot to take a photo of was the cap it has numbers 1-3 to indicate the detergent levels needed for small, medium, and larger loads.

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Putting the detergent to the test

I used the detergent last week and over the weekend. The one thing I noticed from the initial opening of the bottle was the scent. Intense Fresh is right. It’s a bit strong at first but fades over time. It’s a floral scent yet with clean notes.

I found that it worked well at getting my laundry clean. But I did see some color fading. This may have been a user error because I washed my sheets in warm water instead of cold. Even with that being said I did notice some fading.

The scent faded a bit after drying my laundry. I noticed it lingered on my sheets for a few hours but as gone by the next day.

So scent wise it packs a punch then fades quickly. This may be great for some. I would say if you are prone to scent overload or other scent-related headaches you may want to wash a small load of laundry first to see how you react to the scent.

The thing I have noticed about Persil detergents is that they are great at removing older stains from clothing as well as fresh stains.

Pal’s Rating 🐾

Pal’s Rating: 🐾🐾🐾🐾 (4 out of 5 paws)
Price: $-$$ Inexpensive to Moderate (depending on size)
The bottles range from $8 to $20 USD
Price will vary depending on the container and load size.

Final thoughts and Where to buy

Final thoughts

Having used other Persil products in the past I knew what to expect in terms of the product quality and the cleaning effectiveness. The scent is a bit strong but mellows quickly. I liked that it broke down old spots on some of my shirts as well as old oil stains.

The detergent consistency is good it’s not too thick or too runny. It can be poured easily into the lid or directly into your matching dispenser.

I have a front-loading washer and found it worked well without any issues. it didn’t leave any film on my clothing.

Where to buy

You can visit Persil directly and see where the product is sold near you. Just click the Where to Buy button.

I also found it sold at Target and Amazon.

Thanks to Shopper Army and Persil for the free product and the testing opportunity.

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