foil seal on Hero pore purity clay mask tube.

Is anyone else concerned about the lack of product protection?

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I recently purchased a skincare product from Sephora. I opened it and found that the bottle had no product protection.

There is no seal on the box or around the bottle lid or neck. Not even a foil seal under the lid.

This got me thinking. I knew the product hadn’t been tampered with because it wasn’t an odd color or had any off-putting scent.

I get we all want to be earth-friendly

I understand that many brands are trying to cut down on waste and their carbon footprint so they are excluding certain packaging steps. But a plastic or foil seal shouldn’t be one of them.

I reviewed a compact a few years ago that didn’t include the sponge. I get that the brand was trying to cut down on packaging and cut costs but you know what it included? That’s right it had a protective seal product cover.

I got to thinking

When I opened the product and noticed it didn’t have any seals or protectors I got to thinking. I wondered if many brands will start doing this. I know some shampoo brands do this. I also wondered if the product had been tampered with.

Once I removed the cap I saw the product looked fine. So I just figured the brand was trying to be more eco-friendly and not add any extra plastics.

I will note that I found it odd that the box didn’t have a seal sticker either. But once again I figured the brand wanted to cut down on waste.

Let’s face it when you buy any product at a makeup store you can tell if a box has been opened or tampered with. Most customers don’t go easy on the packaging.

Will this be the new norm?

Will this be the new norm for brands in the future? I can’t say. But I hope not. I like knowing the product I bought has a protective seal or foil seal or even a sealed box. I have the peace of mind knowing the product reached the retailer intact.

I also like being able to share with you that products have seals when I post reviews. I’ve also had folks ask me about product protections in the past.

What are your thoughts on the subject? share them in the comments.

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