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Have you tried Short Pixel?

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Image compression or optimization is very important when you have a website. I can help cut down on your site’s loading time.

What’s photo compression or optimization?

I found an article from GTMetrix that may explain better than I can about this. It’s from 2017 but the info is still valid.

Here’s where Short Pixel comes in

Short Pixel is a plugin or service you can use when uploading photos to your website. I use WordPress so you can compress your images via Short Pixel’s website or using the plugin.

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Short Pixel Plugin WordPress (dot) org

The plugin can be downloaded for free from the WordPress plugin repository. You can also visit their website and compress/optimize images there as well.

The plugin is free to use but they also have a paid version.

You can view plans here.

Plugin features

You can optimize an image after it’s been uploaded to your media library. You can also bulk-compress images as well.

You can also set some options on smart cropping images as well as updating image files to WebP and Avif.

You can also link the plugin to Cloudflare if you use it.

The plugin offers credits for the free version or when you purchase them for one-time use.

The plugin also offers a few image quality options such as lossless.

Paid version

The paid version allows you to pay monthly or annually. I opted for annually because it’s a one-time cost and has unlimited image compression.

Which is better free or paid?

I would say if you have a few images on your website use the free version. My site is image heavy so I figured I’d pay for the service. That way I can have unlimited image optimization.

But you can also purchase credits and use them when you need to.

You can visit Short Pixel for more info on their products and services to see which option is right for you.

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