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Have you heard about Odinlake?

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Around two years ago I had an office furniture brand reach out to me. The brand’s name was Odinlake. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but willing to learn more about them.

Odinlake chair

I was thrilled when they agreed to send me a free office chair. The chair I had back in 2022 was a few years old and had wear and tear issues.

I created a video review about it.

Odinlake Ergo CORE Chair 625 (video review)

After two years the chair is still holding up well. and I haven’t had any issues with it. It doesn’t appear that my chair is in stock anymore but Odinlake offers a variety of other products.

Their other products

Since my original introduction to the brand there have been many new office chairs and now standing desks.

for instance here is the Ergo Plus 743 

This chair offers an optional footrest, mesh backing, adjustable armrests, and dynamic back support.

All of their chairs have casters that glide well without snagging on a chair mat or rug.

Some of their best-selling Ergo chairs are:

Ergo Pro 633 and the Ergo Upgrade 518

All of the chairs offer adjustable heights.

They have a standing desk

One of their newer items at Odinlake is a standing desk. It’s sold in a variety of desktop colors.

The standing desk is sold in three different sizes and height levels.

The desk has a button panel to raise and lower the desk to the height you want.

Flash Sale! Extra 25% OFF for S450 Standing Desk Series

They offer bundles too

You can purchase a standing desk and chair bundle.

You can check out the Bundles link to see what current sets are available.

Final thoughts

I liked the quality of the chair I was sent and after two years of use, it’s holding up well. The mesh on the back hasn’t torn or bowed. The seat cushion is still holding up well. The casters are still gliding well and are holding their shape. The adjustment levers are working fine too.

Even after two years, I’m still thankful for the free chair and the opportunity to share about the brand with all of you.

You can check out Odinlake for more info on their products and current offers.

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