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Have you heard about Odinlake?

Around two years ago I had an office furniture brand reach out to me. The brand’s name was Odinlake. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but willing to learn more about them. Odinlake chair I was thrilled when they agreed to send me a free office chair. The chair I had back in 2022 was a few years old and […]

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Madison Park shower curtain info

This Madison park shower curtain arrived yesterday afternoon. It’s made of cotton and has a floral It’s from Madison Park. I found this under a few different names but It seems to be sold at a few different retailers. The curtain is made from cotton twill. it’s machine washable. according to the label, it’s machine wash cold and tumble dry

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Beurer WL75 wakeup lamp.

Beurer WL 75 wake up light (video review)

intro:0:00 product overview:1:15 Display settings video:1:36 alarm without light video:2:08 mood light video:2:22 energizing light wakeup video:2:49 App overview video:3:44 Lighting settings and tones using app:6:01 Cons and final thoughts:11:32 Price: $89 to $90 USD (price will vary by retailer) The Beurer wake up lamp is a unique product. It offers a time display, radio, and alarm settings. The wake

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White and Navy rope basket.

Rope basket info

I shared a post recently via Instagram sharing about the white and navy basket that arrived. Thanks to Try It sampling. The basket is from Ornavo Home and their brand Organizix. It’s a medium-size basket. I found it via Amazon for around $20 USD (Price may vary) The basket is soft cotton and is sturdy. It’s a versatile storage solution.

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Yankee Candle Perfect Pumpkin Info

I was able to select Yankee candle for review thanks to Try It sampling. I shared this post via Instagram earlier today. The candle does smell like pumpkin. It also smells of pumpkin spice, maple syrup and pumpkin pie. The candle has 3 wicks. I was able to find out that the candle can be found at Kohls. However it

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