Example of supplies you will need for paint pouring project.

outdoor DIY Ideas

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Now that the weather is warming it it’s time to get back outside. That being said I thought I’d repost a few of our ideas. Some can be considered arts or crafts.

Paint poured pots

A few years ago I paint poured some ceramic pots. It’s easy to do and is fun because you can add glitter.

DIY: Paint Pour Pots

You can use various-size pots.

I found two different styles on Amazon:

White 2.5 inch pots

Terracotta 4 inch pots

Pollinator watering station

I created a pollinator watering station a few years ago. It’s easy to do. All you need is a washable dish and some rocks. You can even use your fountain if you have one.

DIY: Pollinator watering station

I found these products on Amazon that might be helpful if you make one with moving/circulating water.

Plastic saucers

Small plastic saucer

Solar-powered fountain (disk)

Plant a sunflower garden

This is more of a DIY versus a craft. But you can plant sunflowers in a pot and watch them grow. This helps pollinators.

Best of all you can help the Great Sunflower Project. It’s free and can be fun as well as a learning experience. You can see which pollinators are in your area.

I’ve been a member for years and have loved watching the bees in my area.

You can plant Lemon Queen sunflowers or other plants.

Bee on a sunflower.
Bee on a sunflower.

Give your garden a pop of color

You can repaint a few of your garden planters or plant holders. I used Rust-Oleum spray paint to repaint a few planters a while back.

Rust-Oleum 5-in-1 spray paint is a game changer for DIY projects
completed repainted basket plant holder. color: red gloss.
completed repainted basket plant holder. color: red gloss.

Rust-Oleum offers a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Add lights

There are a lot of fun and colorful outdoor lights.

These spring lights are nice and bright. There are also a few different colored light options too.

Govee lights

Solar-powered colored lights

Share your outdoor ideas.

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