LEPOWER desk lamp. Green metal desk lamp with af flexible neck.

Looking for a new desk lamp check out this one from Lepower

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Back in late November, I was looking for a new desk lamp. The desk lamp I’d had for a few years finally died. The power button broke.

I started on a search for a lamp. I have several lamps I shared about in the past that are slim LED lamps. I don’t care for those types of lamps for my daily needs. I did save them to use when crafting or sewing.

I needed a simple lamp that wasn’t too big or too expensive. I also wanted one that had a flexible neck. I wouldn’t be using it for reading mainly just as an extra light source in my bedroom.

What I found

I found several lamps that fit my needs but some were either too large or a bit expensive for me. I also found a few that didn’t come with a removable bulb. So that means once the lamp died the whole thing would need to be thrown away.

Amazon to the rescue

As usual, I searched a few stores but Amazon was a good source of lamps. I found the one by LEPOWER.

As we know Amazon has a wide variety of options. I searched for a few days before I decided on the lamp.

The lamp sold by LEPOWER had what I was looking for. It was simple and had a flexible neck.

It was also metal, which was a plus, and came in various colors.

When the lamp arrived I was pleasantly surprised. Just an FYI the lamp doesn’t include a light bulb.

Putting the lamp to the test

I got around to using the lamp in December. It was a pretty straightforward setup. Unbox it. unwrap the cord and plug it in.

Before that, you need to install a light bulb. I used a 40 Watt LED bulb I already had.

The Lamp features

The lamp has a flexible gooseneck section. it can bend down and back up to 180 degrees.

The base is about the size of my hand so it’s wide enough to keep the lamp steady. Yet it still fits on a desk without taking up too much space.

The fact that it’s metal was nice because it would be easy to clean.

The base has a simple on/off switch.

easy to use power switch.
easy to use power switch.

It fits a Universal E26 light bulb.

I used an LED light bulb to help reduce the risk of the metal shade getting hot.

LEPOWER desk lamp with light bulb
the lamp fits a standard LED light bulb.

The light quality

Granted depending on your light bulb type and the color type of light that is cast results will vary.

I like 40 Watt bulbs that give off a bright daylight-like cast.

So for me, this lamp works great.

Pal’s Rating 🐾

Pal’s Rating: 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 (5 paws out of 5)
Price: $$ to $$$ (Moderate to expensive)
Price ranges $19 to $26 (USD)
Price may vary by product color

Final thoughts and where to buy

As a whole, the lamp fits my needs very well. I like that the lampshade doesn’t get hot when using an LED light for an extended period. The gooseneck section is flexible enough to hold its shape when bent back or forward. I like that I can adjust the lighting to fit my needs. The cone shape of the lampshade helps cast the light down or upward in a wide pattern. The on/off switch is easy to use.

I can’t find any real cons about this lamp aside from I would have liked a longer gooseneck section. But that’s not a deal breaker. This would be a great beside lamp or general-use desk lamp.

Where to buy

This lamp can be found on Amazon. It’s sold in a variety of colors.

Share your favorite desk lamp in the comments below.

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