DreamKy clock face displaying the date.

Is the Dream Sky Alarm Clock worth it?

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Last year I was looking for a new alarm clock. I don’t use it often but I like to have a clock by my bed so I can see the time. I had one by Sharp that was basic and had larger numbers so I could see it without my glasses. But It was starting to be a bit slow. It was very basic and didn’t have any radio feature. Just an alarm.

So I started looking for a new alarm clock. They make several with large numbers but I was looking for one that would be a bit compact.

I searched a few different retailers but ended up at Amazon.

So many options

There are many different options for large numbered alarm clocks. They have some that project the time on the ceiling or other surfaces. Other clocks have date time and weather while others are curved.

I knew I wanted a larger number clock with a dimmer option. I didn’t care if it had a radio feature. The alarm option was a must as well.

It took me a few days and many reviews later before I found the alarm clock I wanted.

Dream Sky alarm clock

I’d never heard of the brand before but after reading a few tech articles I figured I’d give it a try. From post images and the Amazon product page, it seemed like what I was looking for.

The clock arrived quickly and included a power cable that had a USB end.

The clock is a decent size and has a nice large display. The display has the time, date, and temperature (indoor) as well as an alarm indicator if the alarm is set.

DreamKy clock face displaying the date.
DreamKy clock face displaying the date.

clock key features

The clock offers the following features:

  • Large number display (various colors)
  • Temperature (indoors)
  • Date (month/day)
  • auto daylight savings mode
  • Easy setup for time zones (Pacific through Eastern time (US).
  • A USB port on the back for cellphone charging or other USB charging.

clock overview

The setup is quick and easy as soon as you plug it in you follow the prompts which have you set your time zone and you go from there. Set up only takes a few minutes.

This clock has a blue hue but other Dream Sky products are sold in different colors. This was the black model. It’s also sold in gray and white.

Let’s start with the clock face

The clock face is easy to read and offers indoor temperature as well as time zone and date. You press one of the back buttons to display the alarm in place of the date. I’ll get to that in the next section.

The back of the clock

The back side of the clock is straightforward to read. It includes the following: a display dimmer wheel, an Alarm set, plus and minus buttons for time setting. The minus button also doubles as the Alarm on/off button. As well as an alarm set which doubles as the date button. The clock also includes a USB port and a button battery hatch for extra power during a power outage. The power cord is a USB-style cord.

Dream Sky alarm clock back side. left dimmer wheel, next time set button, plus and mminus buttons. Minus button also alarm on/off. far right Alarm set/date button. botton also includes a USB charging port as well as the power cord port and a battery hatch.
far left dimmer wheel, time set plus and minus (alarm on/off), and Alarm set / date button. USB port and power cord.

The buttons are large enough to press and work well. The dimmer wheel is easy to turn and dims to no display at all or the brightest display.

The top and bottom of the clock

The top of the clock has a single large Snooze button while the bottom has two small raised feet.

Putting the clock to the test

I’ve been using the clock for a few weeks now and haven’t had any issues with it. I liked that I didn’t have to worry about changing the time for Daylight Savings Time ending. It did it automatically. The display is easy to read and I like that it has a dimmer wheel.

For me, it fits my needs well.

Pal’s Rating 🐾

Pal’s Rating: 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 (5 out 5 paws)
price: $$ (Moderate)
Retails for $23 USD
Price may vary

Final thoughts and where to buy

final thoughts

All in all the Dreamsky alarm clock fits my needs. I like the larger number display. The date and temp features are nice. The alarm is easy to set up and can be turned off with the simple push of a button.

It is a bit pricey compared to other brands but I thought it was worth the price for me.

where to buy

This product can be found on Amazon . You can check out Dreamsky’s storefront to see all of their products.

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