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Thanks for the Rain Barrel Try It Sampling

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Last week I had a box arrive. I had forgotten about this sample. I was able to select one outdoor item thanks to Try It Sampling.

The box arrived late last Friday. I saw what it was because the product name was printed on the box.

I was able to claim a free 45-gallon rain barrel.

This rain barrel will come in handy because we’ve been collecting rainwater for the last few years to help water the garden.

This one is nice because it’s all ready to go. It includes a hose attachment and a removable screen.

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Where to buy

The rain barrel can be purchased at various retailers.

You can find out more about FCMP by visiting their page.

The rain barrel retails from $170 (retail price) and under. Price may vary by retailer.

I found it on sale at Target.

If you are looking for a more stylish rain barrel they make those as well.

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