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Scam Alert Google Business Listing call

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I had an interesting call today. It was an automated call stating there was an issue with my Google Business listing.

The funny thing is that I don’t use Google business listing because Life with Pal doesn’t have a storefront location.

The Caller and call

The call was from the following number 928-735-3138. Which by the area code is an Arizona number

The call was very straight forward and can be heard in the video below.

The call requests that I call Search Local back to help with my Google business listing. The call back number is 833-495-1009.

I googled the phone numbers

I Googled both phone numbers and din’t find them assoicated with nay businesses. I will note that Search Local is a real company. So the name may just be spoofed for these automated calls.

The scams been around a few years

I found a post from 2019 on Google Business help page. It’s similar to this call dealing with Google business listing requests.

What you can do

Google business support page gives you a few suggestions. If you do use Google Business listings you can sumbit a complaint. They also suggest you can submit a complaint with the Do Not Call list here in the United States.

what type of scam is this?

I’m not sure if this is a phishing scam or a possible money scam. But it’s a scam none the less.

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