Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil with note card.

Is the Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil worth it?

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Last year I was lucky enough to try the Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil. I’m not one to use mechanical pencils often. I think the last time I might have used one was maybe in elementary or Middle School. So it’s been years.

I liked that the pencil was lightweight and easy to hold. The design has changed from the traditional mechanical pencil that I had used in the past.

BIC Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil

I was sent a single pencil thanks to the Bic-Cause community for testing. The pack is a typical paper blister package.

Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil with note card.
Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil with a note card.
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This mechanical pencil features the following:

  • a rubber grip
  • 0.7 mm lead
  • a twistable eraser
  • lead release button
  • The lead and eraser are refillable

Pencil overview

The mechanical pencil is pretty straightforward. It has a sleek design and is easy to hold.

Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil body view.
a sleek design

The eraser is a nice size. I didn’t realize until a few minutes ago that the eraser twisted upward and could be refilled.

Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil eraser view.
It has an eraser.

When removed from the pencil the eraser is a little over an inch long.

To change the eraser all you do is twist the eraser base and pull upward. Then replace the eraser with a new one.

The pencil has a rubber grip and an easy-to-use lead release button. The release button is pretty quiet.

Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil finger grip and lead release button.
It has a rubber grip and an easy-to-use lead release button.

The lead can be changed as well. All you do is pull the area near the top of the pencil upward and refill the pencil. This pencil uses 0.7 mm lead.

Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil lead view. 0.7 mm lead.
it has 0.7 mm lead

Let’s get writing

Overall the mechanical pencil is lightweight. It writes smoothly and evenly. The lead is durable. I can be a bit heavy-handed when I write this lead didn’t crack or break. This may vary from user to user.

I found that the pencil marks were comparable to a standard number 2 pencil.

A few quick doodles made with the Bic Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil
A few doodles I made using the pencil.

Is the eraser any good?

I know many mechanical pencils of the past had horrible erasers. They either smeared your mistake or left a black blob. I found that this eraser was okay. Again it’s comparable to a number 2 pencil. So this may depend on how heavy-handed you are when writing. I found that it took minimal effort to erase a squiggle mark i made.

Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil eraser test.
Erases marks well with minimal effort

I will note it did leave a faint squiggle mark but did erase most of it without any issue.

So the eraser is better than some mechanical pencils.

So is it worth it?

I think this may depend on your daily use and how affordable it is. I think it’s worth it. I’d take the break-resistant claim with a grain of salt because as we know products vary from user to user. This is a quality mechanical pencil and worked for basic notes for me.

Pal’s Rating 🐾

Pal’s Rating: 🐾🐾🐾🐾 (4 out of 5 paws)
Price Point: $-$$ (Inexpensive to moderate)
Price $5 to $20 USD
Price will vary by pack size and retailer

Final thoughts and where to buy

final thoughts

I liked the BIC Break-Resistant Mechanical Pencil. It was easy to use. I don’t know if i can claim it’s break resistant but it’s durable. The pencil was easy to hold and the lead wrote smoothly. The eraser worked so to me it’s a pretty good product. would i use it daily probably not but as I mentioned I don’t typically use mechanical pencils I like using it for quick notes when I’m at my desk.

Where to buy

This product can be purchased at a variety of retailers. The mechanical pencils are sold in a twin pack, 4 pack or in a larger size. The price varies from $5 to $20 USD depending on the quantity and the retailer.

Target has a twin pack that includes extra lead and erasers.

Amazon has a pack of 4 or a dozen.

You can also order the product from Bic directly.

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