Pal's shop return & shipping policies

Pal's return policy

All digital products sold are all sales final. if you have a compatibility or download issue please visit our contact pal page.

Photos and or graphics were taken or created by me (Vanessa Alonzo/Life with Pal.) 

 Photos are for personal use. If you wish to use them commercially please submit a request to our contact pal page. If the photos will be featured on another website please provide creator credit. 

Physical Products

Added 9/12/2022

We may be adding physical products in the coming weeks.  These may consist of artwork or other handmade products. All products are created by me (Vanessa Alonzo/Life with Pal). These products will also be all sales final and also have a shipping and handling fee.

There will be exceptions for some products mainly if the product arrives damaged or broken. Then a refund will be issued. Please note as the creator I can ask for proof of damage before providing a refund.

In case of this issue occurs please submit a request to our contact pal page

Added 1/3/2024
Any physical products that are resold will be all sales final.
These are items that are not created by Life with Pal (Vanessa Alonzo)
Any Items listed as free will require the purchaser to pay shipping costs.

Affiliate link product return policy

Any affiliate-linked products can be returned to the company it was purchased from. You will need to visit the site to learn about their return policy.

Pal's shop Shipping Policy

Digital content shipping

All digital content is downloaded following purchase. A file is also emailed to you following your purchase. 

Affiliate link product shipping

All affiliate-linked products are shipped by the site you are directed to. All shipping will be handled by that company.

Physical Product shipping

Added 9/12/2002

Any added physical products will be shipped via USPS (US Postal Service) unless otherwise requested. Due to budget issues, I can only currently ship to the continental US. All orders will have shipping added at checkout.


Shipping flat rate (by size)

Here is a chart showing our shipping flat rate by box size. Additional fees may be charged if additional shipping fees are required. You will be notified if this happens.
UPDATE: 1/3/2024
We will be updating our flat rate shipping Since Postal rates have gone up. We are amending our flat shipping rates. 

padded mailers/

USD shipping flat rate
$ 12 Small Box

shipping box

USD shipping flat rate
$ 15 Medium Box

shipping box

USD shipping flat rate
$ 20 Large Box

shipping box

USD shipping flat rate
$ 30 Large Box
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