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Update:Flexihose (video)

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Update FlexiHose intro: 0:00 hose:0:46 Q&A :4:48 Hose Prices :5:44 50 ft $49.99, 75ft $59.99 , 100 ft $69.99 (All USD) (With Nozzle) 50ft $45.99 , 75FT $54.99 or 100 FT $64.99 (All USD)(Without nozzle)

I thought I’d give you all an update on the Flexihose. I still have my original 50ft hose. it is working fine. I recently purchased two 75 Ft hoses. They are made of the simple expandable nylon style material. They also include the spray nozzle. I will say that the hose is working fine. I thought I’d address a few comments I’d had over the past few weeks. The hose needs a certain amount of water pressure to stay expanded. So if it shrinks back you may have to open the valve more or turn your water on a bit higher. The nozzle’s work well yet I will admit that the settings may be reversed. With both of the products, I’ve purchased the mist and cone spray were reversed. The spray nozzle has the following settings: shower,flat.full.stream, center,vertical,mist,cone The flexihose is sold in three sizes 50Ft, 75ft, and 100Ft. They are also sold without the nozzle as well.

Hose with nozzle (Amazon) All sizes 50 ft $49.99, 75ft $59.99 , 100 ft $69.99 (All USD) https://amzn.to/2OSHbP4

Hose without nozzle (Amazon) 50ft $45.99 , 75FT $54.99 or 100 FT $64.99 (All USD) https://amzn.to/3hoCNnc

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