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Thanks, Shea Moisture and Try It sampling

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I had a new Shea moisture product arrive today thanks to Try It Sampling. I was able to try a cocoa butter body butter stick.

The body butter stick can be applied to dry skin. The stick has a twist bottom so you can raise or lower the product. It glides evenly over the skin. You do have a slight sheen of the skin after applying. Depending on the skin dryness level you may need to rub it in for fuller absorption.

The stick has a light cocoa butter scent.

Where to buy

I couldn’t find it available via Shea Moisture but I did find it sold at Ulta and Walgreens (coconut oil stick).

It retails for around $11 USD. Price may vary by retailer.

Thanks to Try It Sampling for the complementary product and the reviewing opportunity.

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