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Dewalt 27cc 22 inch blade hedge trimmer (video)

intro:0:00 product info:0:35 product in use videos: Startup sounds:2:05 trimming hedges: 2:22 price: intro and 6:01 $249.99 USD (Price may vary) The Dewalt 22 in. 27cc Gas 2-Cycle Articulating Hedge Trimmer also has attachment capabilities. The hedge trimmer is a nice size and is gas-powered. It includes the following: The timmer, Allen Wrench, shoulder strap, sample pack of engine oil […]

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Flexihose box

Update:Flexihose (video)

Update FlexiHose intro: 0:00 hose:0:46 Q&A :4:48 Hose Prices :5:44 50 ft $49.99, 75ft $59.99 , 100 ft $69.99 (All USD) (With Nozzle) 50ft $45.99 , 75FT $54.99 or 100 FT $64.99 (All USD)(Without nozzle) I thought I’d give you all an update on the Flexihose. I still have my original 50ft hose. it is working fine. I recently purchased

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