Bear 4 24. Bear is a choslate point Siamese kitten.

Some ideas on keeping our pets cool this summer

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Now that summer is upon us I thought I’d share a few ideas on how to keep your pets cool.

I’d like to add that let’s not forget our community cat friends as well.

Easy indoor cooling options

If your pet is indoors some of the easiest ways to keep them cool is to provide them with cool water and a fan. You can add a container with ice near an oscillating fan to provide a cooling effect. If you are using a fan make sure it’s sturdy or placed where your pet can’t knock it down.

If you have AC have it run on a timer setting (if applicable). Another thing you can do is provide them with a frozen water bottle.

You can freeze a water bottle and wrap it in a towel or place it in a few socks to help your pet keep cool.

You can also check out this cooling pad. They also have cooling bandanas.

For the outdoors

If your pet is outside you can provide them with a shade source such as an umbrella, shade cloth, or even some cardboard proper up on some sawhorses.

My dad made the cats a tent made out of scrap wood and recycled cardboard boxes. I’ll have to share another post on how to make one.

But it gives them coverage and shade. If you water under it also provides a cool spot to rest.

If you have community cats in your area this is an easy option. You can even provide them with a cardboard box under a shade tree.

Of course, always provide your pet with water. You can add some ice to it as well.

You can purchase a mister if you think it’s needed.

If your using and umbrella make sure it’s sturdy and won’t tip over. This umbrella stand can be filled with water to weight it down.

Here’s a shade cloth that includes the bungee balls.

You can protect your pets paws from the hot concret or asphalt by using paw covers when taking walks. I saw an older Lab wearing hers last summer at the grocery store. She even lifted her paw so i could see them.

Remember to never

Please remember to never leave a pet in a hot car or hot room. Like us they can dehydrate quickly. Espcially in a hot car.

Don’t forget to take speical care and monitoring our darker coated pets as well. Due to their coat color the heat may affect them quicker.

Smokey 3 26 24. Smokey is a black cat that is 5 months old.
Smokey 3 26 24

Our lighter coated pets may be prone to sunburn too. This may very by breed. Some white cats may also be susceptible to skin cancer.(source

Mr. White and his sister Stripes. A white cat and a gray tabby cat on the block wall.
Stripes (left) and her big brother Mr. White.

How to ID heat stroke in pets

Here are some articles that help you ID heat stroke in a dog or a cat. (sources VCA and PetMD.)

One of the major ones is panting for both pets.

Share your tips on how you keep your pet cool in the summer.

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