Skullcandy Sesh ANC earbud box.

Skull Candy Sesh ANC earbuds One year later

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Post updated 7/2/2024 to include a video. The post was originally shared on 3/15/2024.

Back in 2023, I was able to select a free product thanks to Try It Samping (They have since merged with Influenster.) The Skullcandy Sesh ANC earbuds were something I was excited to try. They were the first pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

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SkullCandy Sesh ANC has crisp sound

a year later

So far the earbuds are still working fine. I don’t use them daily but I do try to use them a few times a month. The charging case is holding up well even after a few trips to the floor. The earbuds haven’t lost any connection.

They are easy to clean and the ear gels haven’t torn.

The earbuds paired well with my Windows 10 laptop as well as my Android phone. I’ve used them during a few online chats and video calls.

I tried them when on a regular cellphone call but wasn’t impressed it sounded like the caller was far off. It may have just been that I wasn’t connected to the app properly or in the right sound setting for a phone call.

Earbud features

The earbuds have the following features or specs:

  • 4-mic
  • digital active noise canceling
  • 32 hours of use with ANC on
  • IP 55 sweat and water resistant
  • use either bud alone
  • Bluetooth (v 5.2)
  • Tile compatible
  • Stay-aware mode auto on/connect

The case also has a quick charge mode that can charge the earbuds in 10 minutes. The box includes everything you need as well. But you will need a wall plug.

Let’s talk about the app

The Skullcandy app is pretty straightforward and basic. It gives you the option to set your sound settings and customize your sound. As well as showing your power level on the earbuds. You can also learn more about the product and the settings. The app is available for Android and IOS.

Here’s an overview video of the app.

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Skullcandy sesh ANC review

Things I’ve noticed over the first year of use

I’ve noticed that the right earbud can be a bit lower in volume than the left. This has been noted by other users. I don’t know how to fix this issue. You can manually raise the volume on the earbud. I’ve tried this but maybe I haven’t turned it up enough. It’s not very low but it’s noticeable when you remove the left earbud.

This sound variation may also vary by what you are listening to. As with any audio product.

Overall the sound quality is great. I use it when listening to mush. I’ve also used it for video calls or video chats. The sound quality is clean and clear. You don’t have any echoes or sound distortion.

I wish the earbuds had some more colors and the Bluetooth indication light on both the front and the back of the product. But that’s not a deal breaker.

Pal’s Rating 🐾

Pal’s Rating: 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 (5 paws out of 5)
Price: $$$ expensive
The Product retails for around $50 and up
Price will vary by retailer

Where to buy

The Skullcandy Sesh ANC earbuds have decreased in price over the last year. They were originally $99 USD but now can be found for much less.

You can purchase them from Skullcandy, Amazon, and Best Buy.

What are some of your favorite earbud brands?

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