Shark® Pro Steam Pocket® mop SE460 box.

Shark® Pro Steam Pocket® mop SE460 (video)

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I finally got around to creating a video for the shark steam mop. Thanks to Try it sampling and Shark for the complementary product and the testing opportunity.

Intro: 0:00
product info: 0:31
Steam mop testing:2:39
Price: stated in intro 10:29 ($80 USD Price will vary)

The Shark pro steam pocket mop is great. It’s a decent weight and offers two mop pads that include scrubbers. The head can be flipped so you can have maximum cleaning. The box also includes a water cup that you can use to fill the water tank.
The steam mop does require some assembly. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver to attach the handle. Coverall the product works well.
The mop can be used on:
laminate, linoleum, and sealed wood, tile, stone, or marble floors.
The mop offers two settings:
Dust (used for Laminate, bamboo hardwood, and marble floors)
Mop (used for hardwood, marble, tile, stone, and linoleum floors)
Overall the mop worked well on my tile and laminate wood flooring. it dries quickly and didn’t seem to remove the shine warp the wood.

Thanks to Try It sampling for the wonder sample and testing opportunity.

This steam mop is sold at Walmart for around $80 USD (Price may vary)

I also found a different Shark steam mop model sold at Target that offers one extra setting.
Target Model SE601

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