petsafe scoop free litter box.

Scoop free litter box (video review)

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Intro: 0:00 Setup: 1:10 rake in use: 2:16 and 2:33 raking waste: 4:38 Pros and cons: 5:48 Plastic litter pan suggestions: 10:34 Final thoughts: 11:36 Price: $149.95 USD (Price may vary by retailer)

I always wondered how well automatic litter boxes worked. When I was selected to try a free one via Try It Sampling I picked the one that was available. The litter box offers a self-cleaning rake that moves waste into a hatch-covered tray. It includes crystal litter and a standard wall plug. The litter tray is a plastic-lined box. So when you change it you just remove the tray and place the lid on and throw it away. The crystal litter will dehydrate quick waste and the solid waste is scooped 20 mins after your pet leaves the litter box.

The rake has an automatic sensor that pauses if it senses movement in the box. This litter box is recommended for kittens 6 months and over. It is also suggested that you leave the box unplugged when using it for young kittens. Overall I was a bit disappointed with its performance. It didn’t rake waste well. This may have been due to its smaller size or maybe it just wasn’t in the position of the rake to scoop it properly.

I also found that the crystal litter is messy. My kittens Sam and Dylan only used the box maybe 4 times during the week we tested it. Teddy didn’t care for the litter at all. My older cat Sophie didn’t even set a paw in it. Also, the litter cost is a bit high for replacement trays. This would probably be best for a single cat household or maybe for someone who is planning to be away for a few days. I didn’t feel it was for our multi-cat household.

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