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Please don’t gift bunnies or chicks as easter gifts

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It’s that time of year again to remind those to think of alternaive gifts to bunnies or chicks.

I know they seem cute and a good idea but they can be a bit of a handful to raise. You may also have to deal with your city or your neighbors as well.

It seems like a good idea at first

I know these animals seem like a great idea for your child or evne yourself but let me tell you that’s not always the case. We had ducklings as a kid. My brother and I each had a pair. I remeber one set was peanut and popcorn. I forget what the other two were named. We loved having them for a while but ended up giving them to a family friend as they got older because we could take care of them properly.

Also I think our city had rules and we could keep ducks in my neighborhood.

That being shared sometimes what you think is a good idea may not be in the long run. Also some cities may have specific ordanences in place that may not allow certain animals in residential areas.

bunnies are cute but

Bunnies are cute but they do need proper care. They can chew up wires if left to roam free in the house. Not to mention that you may need to litter box train them. This can be done we did it with our rabbit Hop. We found Hop in our front yard. We never found his owners so we kept him. He and Pal had fun togehter.

Hop did like to chew on cables if they were in reach. When we let him roam free in the back yard he was fine. He didn’t cause much damage. Expect the time he ate an entire flat of newly planted pansies. He was proud of himself.

Some rabbits may burrow under fences and get out or dig up the garden.

If your bunny will be a house rabbit they will requrie their own space and a litter box that way your not chasing after them picking up messes.

Finding a vet

We took Hop to the vet a few times. He was fine we just wanted to get him checked out. We did have him neutered so he wouldn’t be agressive or want to mate with the cats. I don’t recall if he had to have a rabies shot. But I do remeber having to travel to the next city over to a small animal vet office to get him treated.

once the novelty wears off

Once the novelty of having a bunny or a chick wears off these pets end up at many local shelters or rescues. Many times this is due to lack of time to care for them. This makes me sad because it’s stressful for the animals.

alternatives to the real thing

Of course there are various alternatives to the real thing.

An Easter themed glow in the dark blanket.

Stuffed chicks

An Easter themed bracelett.

Giving the gifts of a bunny or a chick may seem like a good idea but in the long run think it through and make sure that it’s the right choice.

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