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Pal’s 7 Binge-watch worthy shows

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Now that the summer is upon us I find that I tend to watch more TV when it’s hot. So I thought I’d share some binge-watch-worthy shows.

Brit Box

I signed up for Brit Box earlier this year. You can also add it as a channel to Amazon Prime video.

Death In Paradise

This is a detective show with a slight comedic flare. I like that the episodes are around an hour long.

It follows a DCI from the UK and local Saint Marie police.

Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping up Appearances is a 90’s comedy featuring Hyacinth Bucket and her family.

Mrs. Browns Boys

This is another comedy. It’s a bit cheeky but gives you a good laugh. It follows Mrs. Brown and her family and friends.

Paramount Plus

If you join Paramount Plus with Showtime you can stream some great shows. You can also add this channel to Amazon.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets is a riveting show. It keeps you guessing. It’s sort of like Lord of the Flies mixed with The X-Files. The storyline keeps you engaged.

You can watch the season one trailer here .

Your Honor

This show was very well written. I need to finish watching season two but enjoyed season one. It’s got some good twists in the storyline.

You can also watch other Showtimes shows such as Dexter too.

I’d like to add that 1883 and 1923 are good if you like Yellowstone.

Prime Video

Father Ted

This is an Irish comedy show. It follows the three priests who are exiled for various reasons.

Good omens

Good Omens is another show I liked. It keeps your attention and has a comedic aspect as well.

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