Onn samsung a 53 5 g phone case with home tester club note card.

Onn Phone case info

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Today I received a phone case from Home Tester Club. The case is for a Samsung Galaxy A 53 5G.

The case is an integrated rigid plastic/polymer with silicone edges. It’s a bit tough to interest your phone but you will have to slide it in and pop it into place.

It would have been nice if the phone case had been a bit more pliable for easier installation but overall it’s okay. I will say that according to the product box it has a 12 ft fall protection. There is also an anti-microbial layer of material for the case.

The color is gray and black. I would have liked a colored case but being that it was free you get what is selected or available. So, in short, I shouldn’t complain.

The phone case has textured sides for easy gripping . The on/off and volume buttons are easy to control. The case has all the typical cutouts for the charging port, speaker, and mic. I would have liked a second cut-out for the top speaker.

Overall this case is a bit heavier than my previous case. It’s a rugged slim design.

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I couldn’t find this exact case at Walmart but I found one close to it. This case retails for around $17 USD. Price may vary.


I’ll have to use the case for a few more days before I share my full review.

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