NOMA C9 LED Christmas Lights box.

NOMA C9 LED Christmas Lights (video)

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intro: 0:00 more info: 0:58 price: 3:16 $20 USD These Christmas lights are a nice size. They include two plugs a standard plug and an extension or add on plug. The lights are LED and very colorful. They give off a warm glow. The lights are plastic and offer a variety of colors. They are 25 lights in total and are 16 feet 7 inches long. I was able to review a free product on behalf of the brand and Try it sampling. The lights have a clip so you can anchor them to a window sill or on your Christmas tree. the lights can be used indoors or outdoors I wasn’t able to find the exact set I was able to review but I found a similar one via Amazon. The set retails for around $20 USD

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