v holding various nature's bounty jellybean products. adult and kids multivitamins and immune vitamins.

Nature’s Bounty Jellybean products

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I was recently selected for a chatterbox from Ripple Street. I was sent a box filled with a variety of Nature’s bounty Jellybean products. They are for adults and children. The ones I was sent were the following:

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  • Adult Multivitamin 80ct
  • Adult Immune 80 ct.
  • Kids multivitamin 80 ct
  • Kids Immune 80 ct.


The products are citrus and lemon and strawberry flavors.

Nature bounty info

Here are the links to the products I was sent as well as a link to the entire Jellybena line.

The multivitamins and immune products are sold in 80 ct or 120 ct. container.

Adult Jellybean products

Multivitamin Jellybean

This is sold in an 80 ct or 120 ct. The flavors are strawberry and lemon.

Prices may vary by retailer. You can visit the direct brand link to search for them in your local area.


I did find the 120 count via Amazon.

Adult Immune jellybeans

These are a citrus(orange) flavor. they are sold in 80 Ct. and 120 ct.


Amazon has the 120 count.

Kids Multivitamin

The kids’ multivitamin is a strawberry and orange flavor. They are sold in 80 ct and 120 ct.


Amazon has the 120 ct.

Kids immune jellybeans

The kids’ immune jellybeans are sold in 80 ct and 120 ct. They are an orange flavor.


Amazon has the 120 count.

if you’d like to join Ripple Street visit the link provided.

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