laird super foods creamer carton.

Looking for a Non-Dairy Creamer? Try Laird Superfood

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I’m not going to lie I like my coffee with milk. But then again I’m always open to trying something different. Well, when I had an email from Social Nature asking if I’d like to try a non-dairy creamer I figured why not.

The product

I wasn’t aware of Laird products until I had the email from Social Nature. I figured it would be worth a try. Lair has a variety of vegan and other plant-based products.

I was selected to try the Laird Superfoods (Liquid) creamer. It’s sold in two flavors unsweetened and vanilla.

This can be used in coffee and possibly tea. The carton is 16 fl oz.

laird super foods creamer carton.
laird super foods creamer carton.

If your like me and have used other non-dairy creamers in the past you know how they can clump and curdle. I also have tried some non-dairy products that are bitter or loaded with extra sweeteners.

This isn’t the case with the Laird Superfoods creamer. It’s light and blends well into the coffee. I’ll point out the key ingredients in a minute. Getting back to the non-dairy aspect for a second. I’m not a big soy milk fan and I haven’t really liked the oat milk I’ve tried. One tasted like wet paper to me. So that leaves a few other options.

Ingredients (Source Target product page)

Coconut Cream (Water, Coconut Milk), Aquamin (Calcium From Marine Algae), Organic Gum Acacia, Organic Mushroom Extracts (Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps)

The ingredients are a unique blend in themselves. They use marine algae, coconut, and mushrooms. Now I’d like to point out the mushrooms for a minute.

Due to the coconut cream in the product, you will need to shake the carton vigorously to break up the solids. When I opened the carton it had some coconut solid stuck to the pull top.

The product shade is a bit of a cream-to-beige color (sorry I didn’t take a picture.)

If you have a mushroom allergy or sensitivity this may not be a product for you.

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Product taste

I will admit it took me a bit to come around to the taste. It wasn’t bitter or too harsh. I just had to let it mellow in my coffee for a few minutes before I noticed the coconut flavor. Since the creamer had coconut milk I noticed a hint of coconut oil on my tongue.

final thoughts

I found that the creamer blended well into my coffee it didn’t curdle, separate, or clump. I didn’t really stir it much. You can use a handheld milk frother, spoon, or a small whisk to stir it into your drink.

I finished the carton today (8/31/2021) and i purchased it last week. According to the carton, you should use it within 7 days of opening it.

I can say I liked it. I thought it was flavorful and not bitter. The coconut blends well with the mushroom and algae combination.

Overall I thought it was something worth trying again. If your trying to cut out dairy or try a vegan product that isn’t soy-based this may be worth trying.

I purchased the carton at Target. It’s priced around $5 USD (Price may vary)

Laird also sells a powdered version as well as many other products via their website. You can check out their link below.

Laird also has a storefront on Amazon too.

Thanks to Social Nature and the brand for this complimentary product and reviewing opportunity.

What are your thoughts on Non-dairy creamers?

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