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It’s our 3rd birthday

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Today marks Life with Pal’s third birthday.

Let’s see what we’ve done this year.

2023 was a busy year

We had a lot going on in 2023. Both for our site and my personal life. We had a lot of site visitors and even grew our YouTube channel a bit more.

We added and lost some new friends this year as well.

Our traffic is us. We had 20 thousand visitors over the year (July 23 to July 24). So that’s a bit boost to my confidence. I like to know that our info is reaching folks.

Scam posts are still trending

Some of our scam alert posts seem to be trending—especially the one related to Fashion Nova.

The Fashion Nova collab Email is making the rounds again

I’m glad I’m able to bring attention to these types of scams because they tend to prey on content creators and seem like a great prospect.

We added new friends

2023 was a year of new friends. We added a total of 5 new cats.

In August we added Olive. She was the sole survivor of her litter (that we knew of) she was from Stache’s litter. Her dad was Papa Sam.

She was a tabby with white. She was very sweet.

In early October we took in Stache and Papa Sam’s other litter. which was 4 kittens two tuxies, a black one, and a cream colored one.

My neighbor had brought me a single kitten he found in his yard. He was around 16 to 18 hours old.

About 2 days later we found the rest of the litter. Stache didn’t want them back so we had to raise them.

The litter was 3 males and one female kitten. Sadly the boys lost their sister (possibly due to a heart defect) 6 days after their birth.

We ended up naming the boys Linus, Bear, and Smokey.

To our surprise, Bear turned out to be a Siamese. So he was the odd one out of his litter.

I was excited about this because Stache’s previous Siamese mix baby Bowie passed in 2022 of liver disease. So far he seems healthy and is giving Teddy some competition in the Siamese cuteness department.

Teddy and Bear siamese cats.
Teddy and Bear cuddling.

Currently, with his coloring, I think he’s going to be a dead ringer for his grandpa T.J.

TJ getting a pet July 2022. Older stray Siamese.
TJ getting a pet July 2022. Older stray Siamese.

Gone Missing

Willie Jack’s sister disappeared Halloween night and hasn’t been seen again.

willie 8 12 23. A femail black and whiate cat.
Willie 3 17 23

She’s been listed as lost on various platforms and I haven’t had any updates nor have I been notified by my local shelter that she was picked up (alive or dead).

My beloved Linus also went missing too. He disappeared on May 24th (that was a hard day) and hasn’t been seen since. This one hurt all of us.

Linus. Linus is a black and white kitten.
Linus 5 16 24

He’s also been listed on various platforms and listed as lost via the microchip company. But we haven’t heard anything yet. His brothers miss him.

Those we lost

We lost a few friends this year. We lost 3 cats in the span of a week.

I had to put Olive and Sam to sleep on May 24th (The same day Linus went missing). Olive has been sick and Sam was due to have a dental extraction but he’d also not been too well either.

I thought ti was the best thing to do. At least they went to Kitty Heaven together.

For the Love of Olive and Sam

About a week later we lost one of our community cat friends. His name was Slash he was the brother of Strips, Mr. White, and Boots.

Slash was a black and white cat.
Slash 6 1 24
Mr. White and his sister Stripes. A white cat and a gray tabby cat on the block wall.
Stripes (left) and her big brother Mr. White.
a black and white cat resting on a wall.
Boots 6 3 2024
For the love of Slash

Hoping to grow this year

I’m hoping to grow Life with Pal more this year.

We created a broadcast channel on Instagram under my creator account. I plan to share links to communities and other content that might interest you.

You can visit the link to join.

I’m hoping to add some physical products to our shop once I get to creating them.

I also have more content to share this year as well.

Thanks for stopping by

As always Pal and I thank you for stopping by. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to view our content on any platform. If you leave us a comment it’s a bonus.

I’m thankful for all of you who visit and share our content as well.

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