degree ultra clear dry spray deodorant with box and info cards

Is degree Ultra Clear dry spray worth it?

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I was sent a free product from Top Box Circle in late January. The product was from Degree. It was the UltraClear Black+White dry spray deodorant.

I’ve tried a few of Degree’s dry spray deodorants so I was interested in seeing how well this one worked.

The product

I was sent a full-size Ultra Clear Black+White dry spray. The deodorant is in scent Pure Fresh. This product is also sold in the following scents:

  • Pure clean
  • Pure Rain
  • neutral scent (labeled Black+White)

The deodorant is pretty straightforward. I liked that it has a locking button. It needs to be held 6 inches away from the skin before applying it. The spray has a wide spray so it covers a nice size area.

The can needs to be shaken before application.

This Degree product is also sold in stick form as well.

A few things to note

There are a few things to note about this dry spray deodorant. You will want to keep it away from your nose, mouth, and eyes. It should be kept out of extreme heat 120F/50C to avoid any possible explosions with the can. The spray is flammable.

There is a bit of a learning curve for the application. I don’t know if it’s just the bottle I was sent but I found the button a bit hard to press down on. You also have to shake it enough for the spray to be released.

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User experience

For me, the product worked well. I will say that during application the scent is highly concentrated but it fades as it dries. The spray dries to a powder consistency. It covers the skin but it’s not heavy.

It kept me dry. I liked that it held up well and didn’t leave me feeling sticky. I wore it for 12 hours and it worked okay. I think if you are someone who perspires easily or a great deal you may need to reapply.

I liked that it didn’t leave white marks on my black top or stain my top at all.

What does it smell like?

degree ultra clear dry spray deodorant with info cards.
degree ultra clear dry spray deodorant with info cards.

The Pure Fresh scent is light and airy. It’s got a hint of floral notes. I liked that it wasn’t too overwhelming or too floral.

The scent does mellow but may be noticeable when you lift your arm. I found it worked well with my body chemistry and I didn’t smell bad at the end of the day. I’m just glad it didn’t smell like baby powder.

Is it easy to remove?

I found that it washed off well in the shower I liked that it didn’t leave my underarms feeling dry. It also didn’t leave a layer on the skin either.

Pal’s Rating 🐾

Pal’s Rating: 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 (5 paws out of 5)
Price: $ (inexpensive)
$6 to $7 USD
(price may vary by retailer)

Final thoughts and where to buy

Final thoughts

Overall the Degree UltraClear Black+White dry spray deodorant worked well. I liked that it dries to a powder formula. It worked well and kept me dry. It didn’t leave any marks or stains on my clothing. It rinsed off the skin well. I didn’t have any adverse reactions.

The spray offers a nice wide pattern for even coverage.

This would be great for summer or when you wear sleeveless tops, dresses, or tank tops.

Best of all I didn’t end up smelling funny at the end of the day. The Pure Fresh scent was light and airy. It wasn’t too powdery or floral.

Where to buy

I didn’t find a lot of retailers who carry this product just yet. But you can visit the Degree product page to see where the product is sold near you.

I did find one scent is sold at Target. I also found the Black+White (neutral) scent sold at Amazon.

Thanks to TopBox circle and Degree for this complementary product and testing opportunity.

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