degree unlimited spray deodorant bottle with topbox card and info card

Have you tried degree Unlimited products yet?

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In December I was sent a box from Topbox circle. The box contained a new Degree deodorant product.

I was sent a dry spray deodorant from Degree that is named Unlimited. It was a Marine scent.

The product

Degree unlimited dry spray bottle with info card.
Degree unlimited dry spray bottle with info card.

I’ve tried my fair share of Degree deodorants in the past. I’ve liked most of them and I’ve even tried a few of the dry sprays.

This Unlimted by degree was new to me. It is sold in stick or dry spray form. It’s sold in the following scents: Clean, Fresh, Bold, and Neutral.

This product is easy to apply and use. It also didn’t leave any white marks behind.

This dry spray deodorant is pretty straightforward to use. You shake the bottle remove the cap and hold it 6 inches away from your underarm. Press the button and apply the product. The spray is wide so you may want to test it first before applying it to your skin.

It dries quickly to a powder finish. I liked that it didn’t cause me any skin issues or irritation.

a few things to note

There are a few things to note when using this product. You will want to make sure to not spray this too close to your skin. The spray is wide as I mentioned and if you apply it too close to your skin 5 inches or less you will have some blowback.

As with any spray product, you will have some lingering product in the area after application. The scent may also be a bit concentrated as well.

Per the bottle info here are a few more things to note:

  • Keep out of extreme heat (120F/50C) to avoid the explosion of the can.
  • The product is flammable
  • Keep away from face and mouth and eyes
  • If you have kidney disease ask your doctor before using
  • don’t use on broken skin
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User Experience

Since I had used similar products in the past my user experience was pretty smooth. I would say there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to applying the product. Basically making sure you are holding it far enough away from your body. Also trying to aim the spray as well might be a hit or miss for some.

Overall the product works well. I like that it dries to a powder finish. It didn’t leave any marks on my clothing. I also didn’t have any skin irritation or redness.

What does it smell like?

The Marine scent is light and airy. it does have a watery scent but it also has a light floral note. That’s my take on it.

The scent lasts a few hours but even when it mellows it’s slightly noticeable when you lift your arm. I also liked that it worked well with my body chemistry. So I didn’t smell bad at the end of the day.

did it keep me dry?

Yes, it kept me dry. Granted it’s winter but even in a warmer environment I was fairly dry. If I felt I needed to reapply I did.

But I thought it did a good job of keeping me dry. As with any new deodorant, your body needs time to adjust.

Was it easy to remove?

At the end of the day, I found it was easy to wash off in the shower. I liked that it didn’t seem to leave my underarms feeling dry or caked with product.

Pal’s Rating 🐾

Pal’s Rating:🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 (5 out of 5 paws)
Price: $$ (Moderate)
$10 to $12 USD
(Price may vary by retailer)

Final thoughts and where to buy

Final thoughts

Overall Unlimited by Degree deodorant dry spray worked well. I liked the Marine scent. It wasn’t too strong or too overwhelming.

The dry spray texture dries quickly to a powder finish. It didn’t cause me any skin irritation or adverse reactions. I liked that the product worked well with my body chemistry. So it didn’t leave me smelling funny at the end of the day. It kept me dry. When I felt I needed to reapply I did.

This would be great for the summer or for folks who wear sleeveless tops, dresses, or tank tops. The product didn’t stain my clothing or leave any white marks.

Where to buy

This Degree product seems pretty new to the retail market so I’ve only found a few retailers who sell it.

But you can visit the Unlimited by Degree product page for more info. I also found this product sold at Walgreens and Walmart.

Thanks to Topbox circle and Degree for this sample and testing opportunity.

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